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Hundreds of Zoho training videos on all Zoho applications.

  • How to configure Zoho email
  • How to integrate Zoho with Google apps
  • How to configure Zoho Projects
  • How to setup Zoho Books
  • How to use Zoho Analytics
  • The best Zoho reports for your business
  • How to integrate Zoho with your website
  • How to manage leads in Zoho CRM
  • How to manage opportunities in Zoho CRM
  • How to do a quote in Zoho

  • How to create forms with Zoho Creator
  • How to troubleshoot issues with Zoho Assist
  • How to setup messaging with Zoho Cliq
  • How to configure Zoho Showtime for online meetings
  • Tips for using Zoho Sheets effectively
  • Advice on Zoho Docs
  • How to do expense reports with Zoho Expense
  • How to customize a Zoho Invoice
  • How to manage inventory with Zoho Inventory
  • How to design a recruiting system with Zoho Recruit…& many more!

Preview some of our Zoho training videos.

CRM Basics - The Account Record

Exporting Data in Zoho CRM

Working with Dashboards

CRM, Books, Projects, Creator and all other Zoho applications covered!

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Our Zoho CRM Starter Pack includes:

  • Basic setup of your users
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  • Open Opportunities, Open Quotes and New Leads reports automatically delivered weekly by email
  • Synchronization with your Google or Outlook email/calendars via IMAP (if available)
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CRM, Books, Projects, Creator and all other Zoho applications covered!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have questions after watching a video?

No problem – that’s the reason why we’re better than all other “free” Zoho tutorial options!  Just email or chat with your instructor for as long as your subscription is active. You’ll have all the contact information.

Can I get a demo of Zoho here?

Marks Group Live is generally a training and service site for existing Zoho users and companies.  The assumption is that you already own Zoho (or you’re about to) and you want our help for using it much, much better. If you’d like a demo, however, we can do that too. Just email us at and we’ll set up a time.

I’m just evaluating Zoho. Should I sign up for Marks Group Live?

It’s not a bad idea. That’s because you can watch a bunch of great Zoho CRM training videos and Zoho tutorials, and even get technical answers to your questions before you buy Zoho. And remember you can always cancel after 90 days. It’s a great way to get the facts about Zoho before committing to a purchase.

Who is The Marks Group?

The Marks Group PC is a certified Zoho partner that has been implementing Zoho applications since 2014.  We have ten people and more than 600 clients that use the CRM and business applications we implement – like Zoho – around the world. Gene Marks CPA is the founder of Marks Group. A former Senior Manager at KPMG, Gene has written six best-selling books on business management and for the past 12 years, has written for The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Forbes, Inc. Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine.  You can learn more about Gene and The Marks Group at

What if I’m not happy with my plan?

We do not want our clients paying for any service where they are genuinely unsatisfied and will either work to resolve any issue you have, or refund fees.

What if I’m just a beginner? Or advanced?

We offer hundreds of Zoho training videos and Zoho tutorials covering topics for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. And we’re adding new ones all the time.

Do you train on all Zoho applications?

Yes. While we’ve primarily focused on just CRM, we’re adding new Zoho tutorial videos (and services) frequently to cover other Zoho applications like Books, Creator and Projects.  If you have a specific question about any Zoho application, we’ll be able to help you.

Do you sell Zoho?

We are certified Zoho partners and implement Zoho. You would purchase Zoho on and then come back here to use our Zoho tutorial services.  If you need help purchasing, we can certainly assist.

Do I need to own Zoho to take advantage of the Marks Group Live’s services?

Although you’re not required to own Zoho, it certainly helps. That’s because when you sign up for one of our plans on Marks Group Live, we’re going to provide Zoho training videos, Zoho tutorials, and other services to help your team be great with Zoho. If you already own Zoho, then you’ll be able to take the information you learn from us and apply it immediately.

What does “Team” pricing mean?

It means that you pay one fee for one “team” login that can be shared by everyone in your company. There are no individual licenses and no individual monthly fees! The fee you see is for everyone, regardless of whether you have two or 200 people in your company.

Do I have to commit to an entire year?

No. You can cancel any time after 90 days. But we hope you’ll stay!

Can I re-watch a training?

Yes.  All Zoho training videos and Zoho tutorials are archived and then updated after they’re done again. That way, you’re seeing the most recent version with the most up to date features.

What is one-on-one consulting like?

A certified Zoho expert will be assigned to you for the duration of your subscription so that you can have continuity for your Zoho tutorials.  The expert will, together with you, setup time for connecting via Skype,, LogMeIn or other tools so that you can have a personalized conversation that will guide you through setup, customization, configuration or any other questions you have.

How quickly will you respond to my questions?

We don’t like to wait to get answers, either. That’s why we commit to a 90-minute response to any email and chat questions during normal business hours.

Can I pay by the hour?

Our plans on Marks Group Live are monthly subscriptions.  However, if you want services directly from The Marks Group PC, we’re happy to provide them to you at significantly discounted hourly consulting rates if you sign up for our plan!

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10 reasons why you can rely on The Marks Group for your Zoho training and services.

1. We’re better than “free”.

Sure, you can watch free videos and Zoho tutorials online. But are they customized to your business? Do they reflect the most current features of Zoho apps? What if you have questions during the training? Or after? What if you need specific help? Or you want to talk to an expert? You get what you pay for, and that’s what you’ll get with Marks Group Live.

2. We’re super affordable.

As a small business, we understand the need to not pay more than you have to. We don’t like paying high hourly consulting fees, either. That’s why we developed various fixed price options that are super affordable for your business.

3. We commit to fast response times.

We commit to a 90-minute response time to your emails and chat requests. All of our certified Zoho consultants will be reachable during normal business hours. It is very important to us that our clients get answers fast.

4. We offer many service & support options.

Although Marks Group Live offers fixed service plans, we also offer hourly plans for more advanced or personalized projects. We can go onsite to your location, as well as work remotely. For hourly work, we do not require long-term contracts. We commit that if clients are not satisfied with the work we perform, then they do not pay.

5. We implement fast.

Your Zoho implementation using our training, one-on-one consulting and unlimited Q&A will be fast. Our Zoho implementations rarely go past 30 days. We know that our clients want quick turnaround so they can get back to their “real” business as soon as possible!

6. We have a proven methodology.

Our training classes and Zoho tutorial services are based on 15 years of customer relationship management and business system implementations. We know what works and what doesn’t. Our documentation has grown throughout the years to include the experiences we’ve had with our 600+ clients.

7. We use Zoho.

At the Marks Group, our ten-person company uses Zoho applications. Although there are many great CRM and office systems available, we have independently chosen Zoho as the best one –  not only for our clients, but for our own company. By doing so, we feel that we can objectively teach you all the best ways to use Zoho.

8. We are certified.

The Marks Group has been a Zoho partner since 2014 and serves more than 600 clients that use Zoho and our CRM and office management products. Our consultants are all experienced using and teaching Zoho. Learn more about us on

9. We are a well-known credible company.

Gene Marks CPA founded our company in 1994. Gene was formerly a Senior Manager at KPMG. Today, Gene is the author of six best-selling business management books and writes about business, technology, public policy and entrepreneurism for The Guardian, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Inc. Magazine, Forbes Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine. Gene also wrote for The New York Time and the Washington Post and frequently appears on TV and radio. Say hi to Gene here:

10. We will go beyond Zoho.

We’re a Zoho certified partner and we’re intimately familiar with the Zoho community. We can recommend add-ons and other applications for accounting, telephony, e-mail marketing and other uses that can help you enhance your Zoho system. We also sell other popular CRM and business applications, too.