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Our Zoho CRM Starter Pack includes:

  • Basic setup of your users
  • Import to accounts and contacts, from a spreadsheet provided by you
  • Open Opportunities, Open Quotes and New Leads reports automatically delivered weekly by email
  • Synchronization with your Google or Outlook email/calendars via IMAP (if available)
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  • Access to our Zoho video library, containing hundreds of videos created by our U.S. based team, updated weekly
  • Access to videos that cover all Zoho apps including CRM, Books, Projects, Creator and others
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  • Bi-weekly LIVE training sessions, covering all Zoho apps
CRM, Books, Projects, Creator and all other Zoho applications covered!
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Hundreds of videos on all Zoho applications.

  • How to configure Zoho email
  • How to integrate Zoho with Google apps
  • How to configure Zoho Projects
  • How to setup Zoho Books
  • How to use Zoho Analytics
  • The best Zoho reports for your business
  • How to integrate Zoho with your website
  • How to manage leads in Zoho CRM
  • How to manage opportunities in Zoho CRM
  • How to do a quote in Zoho
  • How to create forms with Zoho Creator
  • How to troubleshoot issues with Zoho Assist
  • How to setup messaging with Zoho Cliq
  • How to configure Zoho Showtime for online meetings
  • Tips for using Zoho Sheets effectively
  • Advice on Zoho Docs
  • How to do expense reports with Zoho Expense
  • How to customize a Zoho Invoice
  • How to manage inventory with Zoho Inventory
  • How to design a recruiting system with Zoho Recruit…& many more!