4 Things You Can Automate with Zoho CRM

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One of the greatest things about Zoho CRM is that there are many ways you can automate your day-to-day tasks. Automation helps you streamline your work, stay in touch with your clients, and cut down on small mistakes… because the program is doing the work for you! At Marks Group Live, we tell our clients that if you can think of an action that you want completed consistently, and you can make a flow chart of that action on a piece of paper- you can automate it. In Zoho CRM there are a few different ways to automate using the Workflow feature. Today- I’m going to discuss a few different things that you can automate using this helpful tool.

#1: Send Welcome Mail to New Leads

Whether you acquire new leads through a trade show, an email campaign, your website or beyond, it is important to make contact with them. One of the best ways to initially reach out is a welcome email that will let your leads know exactly what you do, and how they can do business with you. With Zoho CRM, you are able to create a workflow that will fire off an email as soon as you create a new lead. You can even get fancy, and use the mail merge feature to customize the email and make your perspective clients feel extra special.

#2: Automate the Distribution of Leads

When you have a sales team of more than just one, you’re going to want to find a way to distribute the leads among the team. Using automation in Zoho CRM, you can have the program distribute leads using geographic location, alphabetically or using a round robin. It’s easy, and takes away some mindless tasks for a supervisor to complete.

#3: Schedule Follow Up Calls for Clients

Do you reach out to your active clients weekly? Monthly? Quarterly? No matter when you reach out to them, you can automate the scheduling of that contact. By using the workflow tool, you can automatically schedule a follow up after you complete an activity for a client. This action can fire off based on an activity (call, event, or task), or it can fire off after you complete an order or invoice for a client. The possibilities and options are truly endless.

#4: Approve Orders Instantly

Another great use for automation Zoho CRM is for the approval for deals. If deal approvals aren’t automated, there can be a hold up on this step, which can be frustrating for customers and your sales team. You can even create specialized approval automations for discounts or purchase orders. Using this feature can allow you to close deals quickly and efficiently.

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Learn How To Automate In Zoho CRM

Today I only listed 4 uses for automation in Zoho CRM, but honestly there are HUNDREDS! The great thing about this program, as well as the others in the Zoho One business suite is that you can customize the program to work for you. Learn how to do this with our specialized Zoho Trainers at Marks Group Live. You can check out some of the free videos in our video library here, and then view our pricing options here. We hope to see you in one of our classes or webinars soon!