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5 Zoho Features Everyone Uses

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5 Zoho Features Everyone UsesAre you thinking about investing in a CRM system, such as Zoho? Are you already using Zoho, but not quite sure where to begin? The following are five Zoho features that most Zoho users take advantage of, so if you aren’t already using some of these key features, there’s no better time than now to start.

Shared history and notes

From emails to phone calls to meetings, people throughout your team are constantly taking notes and documenting details of important events. Keeping track of these notes can be difficult, but with a CRM system like Zoho, users have the option of sharing history and notes. This way, it’s easy to retrieve specific details of a phone call or meeting from several months ago.

Shared email

Great CRM systems, like Zoho, offer users the option to integrate with popular email platforms. Users have the option to add selected emails to a shared database so that team members can view them. By having a combined place for everyone to view email messages, this can easily save time and improve efficiency.

Shared calendar

In addition to sharing emails with team members, you can also share your calendar. This can include any and all business activities, including client phone calls, meetings, follow-ups and other appointments. This way, if a prospective client or current client reaches out to someone in the company for their availability, setting an appointment for that team member is easy when you have access to their calendar. This can also give managers the opportunity to see if team members are potentially wasting time with meetings that aren’t worth pursuing.

Lists and views

Simply put, Zoho is a database. Instead of having your team creating individual lists of contacts and storing them in spreadsheets and/or email, they now share this list in Zoho’s database. It’s important to keep  all information that’s related to your company in your database , including customers and potential customers, partners, vendors, and so on. You might also include other helpful information, such as products they’ve bought. From this information, views and lists are made.

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