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Zoho Connect and Building Your Team

By May 15, 2019 No Comments

Zoho CRM trainingA solid and cohesive team is one of the most important things when you are building your business. If your employees work together and communicate well, projects run smoothly, staff morale is higher, overturn is lower, and people actually enjoy doing their work. While the Zoho suite has many ways to organize and streamline your business practices, it also has ways that you can encourage employees to engage and collaborate. Enter, Zoho Connect, a social media platform created for businesses to bring teams together.

What is Zoho Connect?

The interface of Zoho Connect feels like a hybrid of Linkedin, Facebook, Slack and an intranet, where employees are able to post about the upcoming company softball team practice, but also create and delegate tasks for the latest project that they are working on. Businesses can also invite stakeholders in to their social network to share and celebrate company milestones and developments. The platform is easily customizable to cater to the needs of every specific business. Connect allows you to create custom groups of users, both public and private, where you can share new developments in your business, or discuss proprietary information amongst team members on a safe and secure platform.

Building an Open Culture with Zoho Connect

Having a social platform where employees can discuss topics of common interest, beyond the descriptions of their jobs can be important and enjoyable for people. It’s nice to know which of your colleagues shares a similar taste in music, literature, sports, etc. Although this might not directly relate to the day-to-day operations of your business, fostering communication between employees can open up opportunities for collaboration for future projects. It’s no denying that a team that can relate to each other on a personal level works together on a professional one.

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What makes Zoho Connect Unique?

Zoho Connect has many key features that make this platform unlike others on the market.  Connect allows you to adjust the privacy settings on groups, posts and forums with in the site. Because of these settings, you can use this platform to communicate company wide about large updates, and also speak in smaller groups about specific projects that may only pertain to one team. Beyond the privacy settings, Zoho Connect has a myriad of ways that you can communicate with the other users on the site. These include walls, attachments, @mentions, private chats, group channels, and forums. Like many of the apps on the Zoho One platform, Connect can import and integrate information from third party applications such as Mailchimp, Google Drive, Asana, and of course the bevy of applications from Zoho itself.

How Do I Get Started With Zoho Connect?

Although Connect is a very user-friendly application, at The Marks Group Live we go in depth about how you can se up this program so you can maximize its use for you and your business. When you sign up for our trainings at Marks Group Live you can check out our video on Zoho Connect, as well as our extensive library on the Zoho One Suite of projects. Check out our pricing and become a member today.