A Step-by-Step Process to Pinpointing the Best Email Client

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By Emily Woodman for Mailbird

Which is better: a desktop email client or webmail? This question is so frequent that it has almost become preposterous, but is still lives on in its full glory. The internet is swarmed with hints and tips on why to choose one or the other, with both experts and average Joes claiming to have figured out the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything… at least when it comes to electronic messaging.

Chill out, folks! Both have their pros and cons, and the final decision is always personal and depends on preferences. Pretty much like with every life decision, big or small, people tend to make the best out of it, even when they lack the knowledge to make an educated guess. Trials and tribulations are, fortunately, not so vindictive when it comes to email clients, for a simple reason: every service has an alternative, and every alternative another one… and another. The cycle goes on indefinitely, really. Email is the most widely spread form of communication in today’s world; it is, hence, no wonder that every service minds the competition and keeps improving the offer.

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