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CRM and Zoho Reporting: 4 Must-Have Reports

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How to use Zoho reportingTo put it simply, a CRM, such as Zoho, is nothing more than a database. With that being said, CRMs have powerful features that can improve sales, service, and marketing effectiveness. But it’s important to take advantage of the reports that are offered through Zoho CRM and other CRM systems. The following are four must-have reports if you’re looking to get the most out of Zoho CRM:

Zoho Issue Reports

Identifying problems is the first step to getting them resolved, which is why these Zoho issue reports are so popular. The problems displayed on these reports could be internal (i.e. a server went down) or external (perhaps there was a customer complaint). Regardless of the details of any issues, it’s important to be aware of them. They are simple reports that provide vital details, such as the type of problem, who’s working on resolving it, notes on any progress, and so on. You can also close out individual issues once they are resolved.

Zoho Lead Generation Reports

Let’s face it: the goal of just about any marketing initiative is to generate leads. Your lead generation reports will be an essential component of all data you’ll be using to drive your marketing campaigns. It’s important to use these reports to record and track information from any new leads that come in, which can give you more insight as to which marketing campaigns were most effective. These reports are also a great way to keep all information about leads organized in one place.

Zoho Pipeline Reports

This important report will supply you with everything you need to know when it comes to open opportunities, including information about the customer, the opportunity potential, any responsible employees, the expected sale close date, and so on. Zoho pipeline reports also allow users to sort this information for more clarity, such as by team or region. With Zoho pipeline reports and the features available, it makes it difficult for any potential opportunity to slip through the cracks. You can also use these reports to get more insight on future cash flow.

Zoho Activity Reports

While the majority of your staff shouldn’t require micromanagement, Zoho activity reports are still beneficial for tracking various activities, such as appointments and calls. You’ll be able to view past activities, as well as upcoming activities that are scheduled. You can also view detailed information, such as deadlines, completion dates, customer information, the type of activity scheduled or completed, and so on. Doing so can allow your sales staff to use their time more efficiently.

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