Getting Your Salespeople to Use Zoho Tools

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Getting Your Salespeople to Use Zoho ToolsIn order for your CRM system (whether it’s Zoho or another system), to be successful, your team must be willing to use it. As amazing as Zoho tools might be, it doesn’t help if all or a portion of your team doesn’t use it. Your salespeople might have various reasons as to why they don’t to use it: perhaps they prefer their spreadsheets, the forms are too cumbersome, or they feel the process overall is too slow. In order to ensure your business’s CRM system doesn’t fail due to a lack of use, be sure to try the following:

Keep things simple

Your salespeople may be overwhelmed at first when you bring Zoho tools into the mix for their day-to-day operations. Start off small and only focus on what matters. Don’t have them input too much data and only focus on the data that’s critical. Otherwise, they can become frustrated quickly.

Take an individual approach with each sales rep

Some of your sales reps may not be tech-savvy, and adjusting to the use of Zoho tools in the office may take some getting used to. It’s important to recognize that some individuals may need more time to adjust and may benefit from additional training. Some may have preferences on how they work with the new CRM system, and may need to learn more about that method specifically: for example, they may have a preference to use a mobile app, rather than the desktop version. At the end of the day, these preferences won’t usually make a difference because everyone’s data is still getting into the same system. But it’s important to address these concerns, make compromises, and come up with an individual approach for each of your sales reps.

Be firm

When it comes down to it, you’re in charge of running your company. You can only do so much to work with your sales reps and get them to use the new software. If they still refuse, it’s on you to be persistent and explain that this is the new way of doing things. Explain the benefits of how Zoho tools can help things run more efficiently and that once they get used to the process, they’ll likely be happier and never want to look back on their old methods.

Sign up for Zoho tools training

One of the best ways to ensure your sales reps are comfortable using Zoho tools is to get them the training they need. At Marks Group Live, we offer live training, videos, webinars, and one-on-one support for all Zoho products and services. Our expert-led trainings are detailed and insightful, and we can also answer any questions your team may have or address any specific issues or concerns. Our flat-rate membership offers all of these exciting features, which your entire company can share. 

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