Making Zia Voice Work For You

By October 17, 2019 January 14th, 2020 No Comments

Did you know that Amazon is currently working to program Samuel L. Jackson’s voice into all of their Alexa products? Imagine asking your Echo to read you what’s in you shopping cart, and the iconic Mr. L. Jackson let’s you know that there is toilet paper, light bulbs, sneakers, and the complete Blu-ray set of Friends waiting in your cart to be purchased. Technology is wild, isn’t it?Are you hoping that I am about to say that Zoho has programed Sam Elliot or James Earl Jones to assist you with your business deals? Unfortunately no… that’s not an update that the program has developed yet. I wish. But what I am here to say, is that if you aren’t already using Zia to help you with your business, you should be!

What is Zia?

Zia is an AI sales assistant that comes with your Zoho CRM. She (In my mind Zia is a she, since she has a sharp business mind and a helpful attitude) will analyze sales data and the tasks completed by your team to help predict the outcomes of your business activities. When asked, she can offer your suggestions on how to complete tasks and sales more efficiently. I’ve spoken before about Zia and all the things she can do. Read more about it here. What I’m going to focus on today is bringing Zia to the next level. Zia Voice.

Take Zia On the Road with Voice

In your Zoho CRM, you have the option to open up a chat conversation with Zia. You can ask her to run reports, gather data, view your monthly revenue, discuss which leads are most statistically worth following up with, and more. This a fantastic and helpful tool to build your business, but you know that you’re not always sitting around your computer with your CRM open when business is happening. This is when Zia voice comes in. Zia Voice allows you to call your Zia assistant, and ask her to do things, run reports, even buy and sell products, right from your phone.

Customize Zia and Zia Voice For Your Business

Zia comes with a bunch of pre-defined skills that will trigger an action, such as “create an event” or “call a customer”. The out of the box functions that Zia is able to perform are numerous. As smart as Zia is from the get go, we all know that every business is unique. Zoho has prepared for this! You can build custom skills for your Zia. These skills are kind of like workflows, but specifically for Zia. You can do all of this through the Zia developer console.

How Do I Get Started?

With our videos at Marks Group Live, you can make sure that you are getting the most out of your Zia. Programing her can be tricky, but we break it all down for you in our video library. View these videos and more at our video library. If you’re not already a member, explore our pricing options today!