Making Zoho Inventory Work For You

By June 20, 2019 No Comments

How to use Zoho reportingWhen your business revolves around selling goods to consumers, the most important thing is managing those goods! Zoho Inventory makes that a very easy task. So why use an inventory management system? Savings! When you have an inventory management system, you can greatly reduce your company’s carrying costs. If you are able to keep track of how much inventory you have, what you need, and what you have in overstock, you can move your inventory quickly and easily. So why use Zoho Inventory as your management system? Here are five reasons why…

1: They Partner with Major Shipping Carriers

Zoho Inventory makes it super easy to manage the shipping of your sales. Before you ship out your goods, you can estimate your shipping costs so you can accurately charge your customers. Once your goods are shipped with one of the integrated shipping companies, Zoho Inventory allows you to track shipments and manage deliveries right from the platform.

2: Integrate Your Sales on Multiple Platforms

Like many of the other Zoho One products Zoho Inventory integrates with many sale platforms. Want to sell on Amazon? Track your sales there. Want to sell on Etsy? Track your sales there. Ebay, Shopify, Palpal, and beyond, you can keep track of all of those sales through your  account. Beyond the sales platforms that you can integrate, you can also integrate any information from you inventory account to your Zoho CRM and Zoho Books. The Zoho One platform makes it very easy to integrate all of your business needs into one suite of products.

3: Increase Your Overall Sales with Zoho Inventory

The Zoho suite of products has tons of technology that can track and forecast your sales. Inventory is no different. One of the most helpful tools on this platform are the reports that the program automates. You can see which products move fast, and which take up shelf space.

4: Manage Your Warehouse Space

In Zoho Inventory, you can register multiple warehouses, and manage the flow of inventory between them. On this platform you can also run reports about the efficiency of each warehouse, so you can mange the movement of you products in and out, as well as to any brick and mortar sales locations you may have. This program makes sure you are taking full advantage of any warehouse space you may have.

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5: Stay Organized

The most important thing when it comes to inventory management is staying organized. Zoho Inventory makes this very easy. If you are familiar with the Zoho One platform, you are familiar with their well designed and easy to read layouts. On the opening dashboard of the program, you can get a snapshot of all of your stock, sales, and shipments.

If learning the ins and outs of this program interests you, check out our extensive video library on Zoho Inventory and the Zoho suite of products with Marks Group Live.