Organizing Zoho CRM Modules Using Tab Groups

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With out of the box, customization, and web tabs available to you in your Zoho CRM, your company could end up with A LOT of modules on your account. This can be overwhelming for some of your employees that don’t need access to every single module you’ve created. Also, what if you are storing some sensitive information in some modules that not every employee needs access too? Zoho CRM has an answer for all of these problems!

What Are Tab Groups?

Tab groups are a customization you can make, so only certain employees can see specific modules on their Zoho CRM account. You can separate your users into different groups, such as, sales, marketing, accounting, etc. and customize the sales that each of these groups will see. It is important to note, that for an employees to access a module, they must have the permissions set to do so at the module level as well. That means if a user does not have access to a module, they will still not have access to that module, even if they have permission in the tab groups.

How Do I Set Tab Groups?

You can create Tab Groups from this main “Modules and Fields” area. Select the “Tab Groups” link. Then, enter a name, select the tabs you want to display in this Tab Group, then select the permissions of the users who should be able to see this tab group. In this section of the CRM you can also create web tabs. Web tabs allow you to insert a web page directly into Zoho for quick reference.  To create a new web tab, select the web tabs tab. Select the blue “Create Web Tab” button to the right. Select the “Tab Name”, Source (Links will allow you to enter a URL), and the URL link. Specify which security profiles should have access to this web tab.

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Where Can I Set Permissions of Who Sees A Module In Zoho CRM?

When you create a new module, upon creation, Zoho will walk you through who you are allowing to access your module. You can also customize the permissions of an out of the box module. You can do this by clicking on the module you are interested in customizing in the “modules and fields” portion of the customization section of the CRM. There, you can click on the module, and hover over the (…) icon next to the layout name. There you can click on “layout permission”, which will allow you to customize which users and groups you would like to have access to that module.

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