Zoho Mail vs. Gmail: Differences and Similarities

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Zoho Mail vs. Gmail: Differences and SimilaritiesSelecting an email client for your business is an important decision, and Gmail and Zoho Mail are two popular choices. For many, they narrow down their options to these choices and try to figure out the pros and cons when it comes to Zoho Mail vs. Gmail.

My company uses Zoho Mail. We also use Gmail. Wait…what?

That’s right. We use them both. To understand why, it’s important to first understand the difference between an email client and an email server.

The server is where all the emails goes in and out. Zoho Mail is an email server. So is Gmail within G Suite. So is Microsoft Exchange, which is part of Office 365.  There are a lot of companies providing email server applications.

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Customizing Hours and Shifts with Zoho Business Software

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Zoho business softwareDid you know that with Zoho business software, users have the option to customize their business hours for their company, including the option to specify different hours for each day? Users can also assign specific shift hours (in different time zones) to other users and team members.

Setting up custom hours

  • Click on “Setup,” then “General,” and  then “Company Details”
  • In the horizontal navigation menu near the top, select “Business Hours” to open the Business Hours Definition screen
  • Click on “Custom Hours” to set the hours you’d like
  • Click “Save”

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Zoho CRM Training: Many-to-Many Relationships

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Zoho CRM trainingWhen you sign up for Zoho CRM training with Marks Group Live, we’re not only excited to share information and tutorials on current Zoho features and products, but we also like to update our subscribers on new Zoho features. In today’s blog post, we want to discuss a fairly recent update regarding many-to-many relationships within Zoho and how it’s now easier than ever to create a custom one.

Previous method

Previously, before the new update, users wanting to create customized many-to-many relationships in Zoho had to add a custom module. This custom module would include look-up fields for each module that users wanted to connect to a contact. For instance, if you wanted to relate one contact with several others, you would have needed to create a custom module, “Connections,” and then add two contact lookup fields.  

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Easy Document Management with Zoho Sign

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Zoho Sign document managementBy adding Zoho Sign to your suite of Zoho apps, you can easily send out your CRM documents for signatures. With your current Zoho CRM subscription, it is available at no extra cost. You’ll have the option to install the Zoho Sign extension from the Zoho CRM marketplace once you create a Zoho Sign account. Once this is all set up, you’ll be able to send documents needed for signatures.

Creating your Zoho Sign account

  • Log in to your Zoho CRM account
  • Go to sign.zoho.com
  • Accept an invitation to your organization’s account, or if you’ll be creating one, enter an organization name. You’ll want to confirm first that someone else in your organization hasn’t already created an account.

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Zoho CRM Tutorial: Custom Module Tip

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Custom modules in Zoho CRMIf you’re looking for a good source for Zoho CRM tutorial videos, you’ve come to the right place! At Marks Group Live, we provide Zoho CRM tutorial videos to our subscribers, which offer training on a wide array of topics. We cover everything Zoho has to offer, including the basic fundamentals of all Zoho apps and products, as well as detailed tutorials on some of Zoho’s best features. We pride ourselves on not only making Zoho easy to understand, but helping out our clients by providing tips and tricks that can allow you to use Zoho more efficiently.

Custom Modules in Zoho

One tip we’d like to share on our blog today is related to custom modules. If you’ve created a custom module in Zoho CRM, then you already know of the standard custom module name field. By default, this is a required, single-line field that essentially names the record. Often, it becomes an extra step when it comes to the record creation process, and is not always needed.

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Zoho Integrations: Appointment Scheduling with Calendly

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Zoho Integrations: Appointment Scheduling with CalendlyThere are a lot of Zoho integrations that can allow you to customize Zoho how you see fit, and with the Calendly integration, you can embed a link on your website (or send it directly to someone), which can easily allow customers to see what days and times you’re available and then schedule an appointment with you.

Once someone does schedule an appointment with you, it’s added as an event record in Zoho CRM, which can also be added to Google Calendar or your Outlook calendar.

Here’s how you can set up a Calendly account and integrate it with Zoho:

Setting up a Calendly account

In order to take advantage of Calendly’s features and Zoho integrations, you’ll need to create a Calendly account. There are paid subscriptions available that offer free trials; there is also the option to sign up for a free version.
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Zoho Help: Creating Multiple Values With a Subform

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Zoho help and supportZoho CRM has a lot of interesting and helpful features, but with a little Zoho help, you may also discover some things that you didn’t even know Zoho was capable of. For instance, let’s say you have some information pertaining to a specific contact—or multiple contacts—and you want to track that information. Zoho offers two sets of address fields, including “Mailing” and “Other.” But what options do you have if there’s additional information you need to track?

What not to do

One thing you don’t want to do is create additional sets of address fields. The reason being is that it takes up extra room unnecessarily for contacts with fewer addresses, and when you have one contact that has more than you’ve allotted for, you’re adding more fields.

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Zoho CRM Help: Getting Your Team On Board

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Zoho CRM Help: Getting Your Team On BoardAt The Marks Group, we have implemented hundreds of CRM systems, such as Zoho CRM, for our clients throughout the years. One of the major challenges that our clients have encountered is getting their team members, particularly their sales team, to get on board with Zoho CRM. Help from an expert training program can be especially beneficial in these circumstances, because they provide tips, tricks, and other skills needed for those new to Zoho CRM. Help from the right training program can not only get a team on board, but by showing them all the great and useful features that Zoho CRM offers, it can get them excited to use the system.

Some other ways to get your team to use Zoho CRM include:

The Lead Trick

Leads are important for a sales team to succeed, and if information about promising leads are being put into Zoho CRM, it forces them to use Zoho in order to get that information. If this is the only way that your sales team can access information about leads, they will have no choice but to use your CRM system if they want to succeed in their roles as salespeople.

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CRM Meaning: What Defines a CRM System?

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The true CRM meaning is CRM cultureWhen it comes to figuring out the true CRM meaning and what really defines a CRM system, it’s the people behind it. When a business decides to integrate a CRM system, it’s essential that your company has a CRM culture in order for it to succeed. When determining CRM meaning, the following are the three things that define company CRM culture:

A communications culture

Communication is a key part of CRM culture, and you should insist that your team members use the CRM system as a way to share all business communications. This includes logging details about calls, appointments, emails, and so on. This can ensure that prospects, customers, and anyone else who has had ties to your business is receiving communications throughout the year. This includes phone calls, emails, newsletters, letters, postcards, and more. This is a communications culture, and it’s something your company lives by.

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Zoho Learning: 3 Mistakes to Avoid Making

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Zoho Learning: 3 Mistakes to Avoid MakingImplementing a CRM system, like Zoho, can do wonders for your business. At the same time, a few mistakes can actually mess up your next technology project completely, resulting in wasted money and time. When it comes to using Zoho, learning about certain mistakes you should avoid ahead of time can save you a lot of frustration.

Some of the mistakes you’ll want to avoid making as a new Zoho user include:

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