Training and Zoho CRM

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3 Disadvantages of Learning Zoho Tools on Your OwnAre you thinking of learning Zoho CRM all on your own?

If you are, it’s fine. We have plenty of clients who take on their training independently and I respect that. In fact, the videos that we offer on Marks Group Live are there to supplement your in-house training. They also provide advice, tips and tricks for using the application well. If you decide to self-train you may be fine. But there are some big pitfalls that you should be aware of. For example…

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Zoho Creator: How To Get Started

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Back in the day people would build their databases using products like Microsoft Access or Filemaker. This evolved. Now software companies like Intuit makes Quickbase and Zoho makes Zoho Creator. These do the same things with one huge difference: they’re in the cloud.

Because Zoho Creator is a cloud based app creator you can build your own systems completely from scratch in a hosted environment that can then be accessed by whoever you want wherever they are and the app can be integrated into other cloud based applications, particularly Zoho applications.

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Zoho Motivator Makes Sales Fun

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Any person in sales knows the grind… you have a sales target to meet by the end of the week/month/quarter, and you do what you need to do to meet that goal. Sometimes it’s stressful, sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes it’s downright boring. It can be serious work meeting your goals, but I guess that’s why they call it “work” and not “have fun all day”. But even when you have to work, there are ways you can make it more exciting- enter Zoho Motivator.

What is Zoho Motivator?

Zoho Motivator is an insight driven application that is meant to motivate (duh) your sales team. Motivator “gameifies” your sales and has many interactive features like a leaderboard, contests and scorecards, to make sales fun and encourage your team to take their sales to the next level. With an application like Zoho Motivator, you can engage your sales team, which can improve productivity. When a member of your staff feels motivated and excited to come to work, you can build a team that is dedicated and excited about the work that they do.

What Else Can This Program Do?

Beyond making sales fun, Zoho Motivator is a great place to collect sales data. Motivator tracks each salesperson’s process, and can see how long it takes them to close deals. If once of the members of your team is having trouble closing a sale, motivator will analyze the pattern of that employee and see where they get stuck. With some simple coaching, and the data from Motivator, you can take your sales team from great to amazing.

Build Confidence with Motivator

You can also track and display you team’s accomplishments with Motivator’s leaderboard. You can create short term and long term “contests” to see who can sell the most in an allotted period of time. Motivator even has a live ticker tape function that allows your team to display up to date sales as they close. Build morale by celebrating every sales milestone in real time.

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Integrate with the Zoho Platform

Like every other Zoho application, Motivator easily integrates with the Zoho suite of products. In the case of Zoho Motivator, this is most helpful when you integrate with your Zoho CRM. Information from your sales and deals can automatically map over from each program. Also in Zoho CRM, there is a feature called “gamescope”, which incorporates the games and incentives that are set up in motivator.

Learn Zoho Motivator with Marks Group Live

At Marks Group Live we have an extensive library of Zoho training videos where you can learn all about Zoho Motivator as well as other Zoho products. By having our experienced trainers teach you these programs, you can maximize your productivity and get the most out of the Zoho One business suite. Beyond our trainings, you can also join us for bi-monthly webinars where our trainers will take a live deep dive into frequently asked questions about Zoho. You can check out our pricing plans here.

Using Zoho Creator to Meet Your Business Needs

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One of the greatest things about the Zoho One business suite is that you can customize all of their applications to meet your production needs. While these programs are highly customizable, there is still a limitation on the applications in the suite… so what if your business needs something else? Unique businesses deserve unique platforms for all of their professional requirements. Enter Zoho Creator.

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Campaigns: CRM vs App in Zoho

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One of the questions we get most often at Marks Group Live is “what is the difference between the campaigns module in Zoho CRM and the Campaigns platform on Zoho One?”. This is a very good question, and one I’m going to review today. In short, both programs have the capability of sending out mass emails to your client base… so why two different programs?

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Basic Set-Up In Zoho CRM

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If you are planning on using Zoho CRM, it will become a hub of all of your business contacts and deals. One of the first things that you have to do when you get started with Zoho is set up your preferences and personal information. Today we’ll walk you through exactly how to do that. Zoho has a very user-friendly interface, but it’s important to review all the steps, just so you don’t miss anything.

How To Update Your Personal Settings

Access and update your Personal Settings by selecting the set up icon in the upper right corner. Depending on the version of Zoho that you are using, this will ether look like a gear or a screwdriver and wrench. This takes you to the Setup page. Select the Personal Settings link, under the “General” category. From the Personal Settings page, you can add or update personal information, social networks, and update some formatting preferences. Selecting the pencil/edit button allows you to update your User Information and Address. This can be helpful if you move, change your name or email address. Zoho allows you to do this with one easy step.

Navigating the Zoho Home Page and Modules

The different sections of Zoho are referred to as Modules. To access the different Modules, click any of the links at the top menu, or click the (. . .) button to view more hidden Modules. In the top right corner of the home screen, there are multiple icons that lead you to shortcuts throughout the CRM. The magnifying glass is a tool that helps you search throughout the entire CRM, there is a bell that alerts you to notifications, a “+” icon that allows you to quick add new records, as well as shortcuts to your Zoho calendar and Zoho mail.

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In the basic, unedited view of your home page, you also will see a window with your daily tasks, one of your events for the day and one with a snapshot of your current deals as well as the revenue that they may bring in. At the bottom of your homepage, there are also some helpful tools. You will find short cuts to Zia, Zoho’s AI assistant, sticky notes (an online version of a post-it), activity reminders, as well as a recent item’s button that will allow you to see ay recent records that you have visited.

Learning to Use Zoho CRM With Marks Group Live

Navigating these Zoho CRM can be tricky. At Marks Group Live we have specialized Zoho trainers and an extensive video library to help you learn the ins and outs of Zoho CRM, among many other things. If you’re not already a member, you can check out some free videos here, and view our pricing and plans here. Our trainers on hand to help you get the most of your Zoho CRM and Zoho suite of products today!

Using Zia To Crush Your Competition

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Let me take you back to the year 1996. The World Wide Web was beginning to explode, and a little web butler named Jeeves was taking the Internet by storm. With a few keystrokes you could “ask Jeeves” to help you find anything on the Internet. When I was first introduced to I thought that he could do anything! Turns out the limitations of Jeeves were great, and it was rendered useless by the global domination of Google. I slowly lost trust on online assistants. If Jeeves couldn’t help me, who could? Then I started using Zoho CRM, and my views on computer based assistants changed. I was introduced to Zia, Zoho’s AI assistant, and since that day, things have been great.

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4 Things You Can Automate with Zoho CRM

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One of the greatest things about Zoho CRM is that there are many ways you can automate your day-to-day tasks. Automation helps you streamline your work, stay in touch with your clients, and cut down on small mistakes… because the program is doing the work for you! At Marks Group Live, we tell our clients that if you can think of an action that you want completed consistently, and you can make a flow chart of that action on a piece of paper- you can automate it. In Zoho CRM there are a few different ways to automate using the Workflow feature. Today- I’m going to discuss a few different things that you can automate using this helpful tool.

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Zoho Sign Is Pretty Cool!

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Removing tags in Zoho CRMThere are many programs out there that allow you to attach your digital signature to documents, or receive digital signatures from clients. I would argue that if you use the Zoho One suite of products for your business, cut through the noise of all of the other applications… use Zoho Sign! Like many of the Zoho One products, Zoho Sign seamlessly integrates into all other Zoho applications. This is so important because you want to be sure that your digital signatures are clear and easy to access, especially on documents like contracts and invoices.

Okay, I signed up… what next?

The first thing you should do when you create a Zoho Sign account is to import or create your users. This is the place where you will list all of your employees that you would like to have an account under your business. When creating your user list, you can assign the role or “admin” or “user” to each person. If you give a person an “admin” title, they will be able to do things like add or delete users, create templates, and create sign forms. Users will have access to this information, but will not be able to create or change documents.

Zoho Sign can help with your branding!

As an admin in the program, you can set up many things to assure that your company’s name and logo appears in any email or document sent from Zoho Sign. In the “Organization Details” page, under the settings tab, you can add your company’s name, address, and logo. You can also customize (and personalize) your emails and digital signature by going to the email templates and digital signature portions of the program. You can access this under the “admin settings” tab in Zoho Sign.

So how do I get my signature in this thing?

There are a few ways to upload your signature into Zoho Sign. The first thing is that you have to go to the profile page, which is under the settings tab. There you can click on the icon next to signatures to choose how you want your signature to look. Option 1, is that you can type out your name and initials, and use a preloaded signature font. Option 2 is to use a signature pad or your mouse to draw out your signature and then use that throughout the program. Personally, I think unless you have USB signature pad like a Topaz pad, I feel that this option often looks the least professional (unless you have a VERY stead hand when working with a mouse!). The last option is that you can upload your signature from a scan or photo using the upload tab. Check out all three options, and choose what you prefer!

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An important note before you get to signing…

Zoho Sign has prepared a legal statement that your customers have to agree to before using Zoho Sign. Essentially it says that your digital signature holds the same weight as any other signature. I always encourage customers to read over the legal disclosure, and add or customize anything if they feel that it is needed. It’s important to dot your “I”’s and cross your “T”’’s, even online!

Learn more about Zoho Sign with Marks Group Live

You can learn more about this product, plus many other products in the Zoho Suite from our Zoho Trainers at Marks Group Live. Browse our training video catalogue, attend webinars, and get your Zoho questions answered. Check out our pricing packages here.