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Zoho Accounting Integrations: 3 Myths Debunked

By | Zoho Tips

Zoho Accounting IntegrationsThe CRM systems of today, like Zoho, make accounting integrations simple and seamless if that’s a feature you want to take advantage of. However, Zoho accounting integrations can also be confusing at times. In this blog, we debunk some common myths when it comes to Zoho accounting integrations.

Myth #1:  Zoho accounting integrations are simple

Fact: This will depend on various factors, such as whether something is pre-built or if you’re new to Zoho. You may need the help of a programmer or you may need to use export/import tools. Moving forward, it will need to be supported, because databases, software, and the environment will change. In some cases, it may be simple enough to integrate your accounting system if you receive the right training beforehand and during the process.

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4 Must-Have Zoho App Integrations

By | Zoho Tips

Must-have Zoho app integrationsA cloud-based CRM system, like Zoho, allows for users to integrate some of their favorite third party tools and apps. Whether you’ve just signed up for Zoho or you’re thinking about signing up, you may be wondering what add-ins will help enhance your CRM system the most. We recommend the following as must-have Zoho app integrations:

Data Integration

There are various tools out there that Zoho users can use to automatically read their system’s tables, which can then allow users to write and read information in and out of both systems. With the data integration tools that exist nowadays, you can accomplish almost anything.
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