Zoho Accounting Integrations: 3 Myths Debunked

By | Zoho Tips

Zoho Accounting IntegrationsThe CRM systems of today, like Zoho, make accounting integrations simple and seamless if that’s a feature you want to take advantage of. However, Zoho accounting integrations can also be confusing at times. In this blog, we debunk some common myths when it comes to Zoho accounting integrations.

Myth #1:  Zoho accounting integrations are simple

Fact: This will depend on various factors, such as whether something is pre-built or if you’re new to Zoho. You may need the help of a programmer or you may need to use export/import tools. Moving forward, it will need to be supported, because databases, software, and the environment will change. In some cases, it may be simple enough to integrate your accounting system if you receive the right training beforehand and during the process.

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Top 4 CRM Uses: How to Maximize Your CRM System

By | CRM

Best CRM UsesIf you recently implemented a CRM system for your business, you likely realize that you’ve made an investment. You want to make sure you’re spending your company’s money wisely, so how can you be sure you’ve made a solid investment by spending money on a CRM platform? We explore some of the top CRM uses and ways you can turn your CRM into a money-making machine.

Don’t underestimate the importance of data

At its core, your CRM is a database. It’s important that the data you’re collecting is correct, nothing is missing, and that it’s regularly updated. The right data is a powerful tool, and can allow you to go after customers with unique needs, target specific segments, and so on.

Steps to take:  Have someone within your organization be in charge of your database, and be sure to provide that individual with the support and training they need to master the system.

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