5 Tips for Crushing the Zoho CRM Calendar

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5 Tips for Crushing the Zoho CRM CalendarHere at The Marks Group, our CRM system is…Zoho CRM, naturally. And of course, we use Zoho CRM Calendar.  So give us credit for eating the dog food, so to speak.

I’ve been knee-deep in it for more than two years now and I’ve learned a lot. So I thought that I would take a few moments out and share five tactics with the Zoho CRM Calendar. This is not scripture. You may have different points of view. But for me, this works.

Tip #1:  Ignore Calls

When you’re on the calendar, you’ll see that you have the ability to create an “event” or a “call.”  When you’re in other areas of Zoho CRM, you’ll also see that you have the ability to also create “tasks.” I ignore calls. It’s just too confusing. For me and others in my company, all of our activities are either events or tasks.  An event represents an appointment. An appointment is defined as when I have a scheduled meeting—onsite or online—with someone else. A task represents everything else: calls, to-do’s, emails to send, things to follow-up, and so on.

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Zoho Integrations: Appointment Scheduling with Calendly

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Zoho Integrations: Appointment Scheduling with CalendlyThere are a lot of Zoho integrations that can allow you to customize Zoho how you see fit, and with the Calendly integration, you can embed a link on your website (or send it directly to someone), which can easily allow customers to see what days and times you’re available and then schedule an appointment with you.

Once someone does schedule an appointment with you, it’s added as an event record in Zoho CRM, which can also be added to Google Calendar or your Outlook calendar.

Here’s how you can set up a Calendly account and integrate it with Zoho:

Setting up a Calendly account

In order to take advantage of Calendly’s features and Zoho integrations, you’ll need to create a Calendly account. There are paid subscriptions available that offer free trials; there is also the option to sign up for a free version.
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5 Zoho Features Everyone Uses

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5 Zoho Features Everyone UsesAre you thinking about investing in a CRM system, such as Zoho? Are you already using Zoho, but not quite sure where to begin? The following are five Zoho features that most Zoho users take advantage of, so if you aren’t already using some of these key features, there’s no better time than now to start.

Shared history and notes

From emails to phone calls to meetings, people throughout your team are constantly taking notes and documenting details of important events. Keeping track of these notes can be difficult, but with a CRM system like Zoho, users have the option of sharing history and notes. This way, it’s easy to retrieve specific details of a phone call or meeting from several months ago.

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