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Zoho CRM Help: Getting Your Team On Board

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Zoho CRM Help: Getting Your Team On BoardAt The Marks Group, we have implemented hundreds of CRM systems, such as Zoho CRM, for our clients throughout the years. One of the major challenges that our clients have encountered is getting their team members, particularly their sales team, to get on board with Zoho CRM. Help from an expert training program can be especially beneficial in these circumstances, because they provide tips, tricks, and other skills needed for those new to Zoho CRM. Help from the right training program can not only get a team on board, but by showing them all the great and useful features that Zoho CRM offers, it can get them excited to use the system.

Some other ways to get your team to use Zoho CRM include:

The Lead Trick

Leads are important for a sales team to succeed, and if information about promising leads are being put into Zoho CRM, it forces them to use Zoho in order to get that information. If this is the only way that your sales team can access information about leads, they will have no choice but to use your CRM system if they want to succeed in their roles as salespeople.

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CRM Meaning: What Defines a CRM System?

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The true CRM meaning is CRM cultureWhen it comes to figuring out the true CRM meaning and what really defines a CRM system, it’s the people behind it. When a business decides to integrate a CRM system, it’s essential that your company has a CRM culture in order for it to succeed. When determining CRM meaning, the following are the three things that define company CRM culture:

A communications culture

Communication is a key part of CRM culture, and you should insist that your team members use the CRM system as a way to share all business communications. This includes logging details about calls, appointments, emails, and so on. This can ensure that prospects, customers, and anyone else who has had ties to your business is receiving communications throughout the year. This includes phone calls, emails, newsletters, letters, postcards, and more. This is a communications culture, and it’s something your company lives by.

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Getting the Most Out Of Your CRM With a Zoho Consultant

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 Zoho Consultant: Maximize Your CRM SystemAre you thinking about investing in a CRM system and working with a Zoho consultant to get the most out of it, but still wondering if it’s worth it? Do you already have Zoho CRM, and you’re struggling with it?

The Sales Operations Optimization Study that CSO recently released examined many different companies to determine the effectiveness of their sales operations. The following was our takeaway:

You need a sales operation, not just a sales force

These days, your team needs to include administrative support and management. Your sales force can’t do it all alone. The best way to support your team is also to have an effective CRM system in place, such as Zoho. It also helps to work with a Zoho consultant to ensure everyone on your team has a thorough understanding of everything Zoho has to offer.

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CRM Examples: Industry-Specific and Generic

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CRM Examples: Industry-Specific and GenericA lot of products and services these days focus on certain industries. In some cases, these products or services that are industry-specific might make sense. But what about when it comes to CRM systems? You may be overwhelmed with all of the different CRM examples you’ve likely heard about, and depending on the industry you operate in, might feel that an industry-specific CRM system is the way to go. But is this really the best option?


An example to consider

Let’s say you work for a news outlet and your team offers digital marketing services for the publisher’s customers, and the team’s primary tasks include creating and placing the best promotions possible to increase the success of their clients’ companies.

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Getting Your Salespeople to Use Zoho Tools

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Getting Your Salespeople to Use Zoho ToolsIn order for your CRM system (whether it’s Zoho or another system), to be successful, your team must be willing to use it. As amazing as Zoho tools might be, it doesn’t help if all or a portion of your team doesn’t use it. Your salespeople might have various reasons as to why they don’t to use it: perhaps they prefer their spreadsheets, the forms are too cumbersome, or they feel the process overall is too slow. In order to ensure your business’s CRM system doesn’t fail due to a lack of use, be sure to try the following:

Keep things simple

Your salespeople may be overwhelmed at first when you bring Zoho tools into the mix for their day-to-day operations. Start off small and only focus on what matters. Don’t have them input too much data and only focus on the data that’s critical. Otherwise, they can become frustrated quickly.

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Top 5 CRM Systems For Your Small Business

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Top 5 CRM systems for small businessesIt’s easy to see why CRM systems are so popular amongst businesses. When used the right way, a good CRM system can increase productivity, keep important information more organized, and potentially drive up sales. In a world where data is so important, you may eventually find that a CRM system is one of your most important business investments. You may have made the decision to invest in a CRM system, but you may be overwhelmed with the choices. After all, there are a lot of CRM systems out there to choose from. In our opinion, the following are the top five CRM systems for small businesses currently on the market:

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in Zoho Software

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Things to consider before investing in Zoho softwareIf  you’re thinking about investing in a CRM system, such as Zoho software, there’s a lot to consider. After all, Zoho software isn’t necessarily for everyone. It can certainly benefit both large corporations and small businesses if implemented the right way, but not all businesses have a CRM culture. This isn’t necessarily the fault of the company, but it’s important to identify this initially by asking yourself the following three questions to determine if a CRM system is right for you.

Are you resolute?

Although using Zoho software for your company offers many advantages, it can also take a significant amount of work. In order for it to increase productivity, you need useful, complete, and accurate data, or else you don’t get much out of it.

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