How to Use Zoho CRM to Improve Customer Service

By | Zoho Tips

How to Use Zoho CRM to Improve Customer ServiceIf you’re using Zoho CRM for marketing and sales, you may also be wondering how to use Zoho CRM in other ways. One great way to use Zoho CRM is to improve your customer service, and if you aren’t using your CRM system for that already, you’re definitely missing out. After all, this is a big part of what Zoho CRM provides, and keeping current customers satisfied is the best way to increase profits. To do this, it’s crucial to depend on the following customer service metrics:

Open issues

It’s critical to know about any current problems, even if nobody likes hearing about them. They can’t be ignored. Instead of pretending that the problems don’t exist, it’s important to seek them out. It’s simple to track open issues with Zoho CRM, and from this, you can generate a report.

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