Zoho Creator Help: 6 Tips for Getting Started

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Zoho Creator HelpIf you just signed up for Zoho Creator and you’re looking for Zoho Creator help and a Zoho Creator tutorial, you’ve come to right place! Not knowing where to begin can be overwhelming, but we’ve got some tips that can help.

Back in the day, people would build their databases using products like Microsoft Access or Filemaker. This evolved. Now software companies like Intuit makes QuickBase and Zoho makes Zoho Creator. These do the same things with one huge difference: They’re in the cloud.

Because Zoho Creator is a cloud-based app creator, you can build your own systems completely from scratch in a hosted environment that can then be accessed by whoever you want, wherever they are, and the app can be integrated into other cloud-based applications—particularly, Zoho applications.

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Zoho Integrations: Appointment Scheduling with Calendly

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Zoho Integrations: Appointment Scheduling with CalendlyThere are a lot of Zoho integrations that can allow you to customize Zoho how you see fit, and with the Calendly integration, you can embed a link on your website (or send it directly to someone), which can easily allow customers to see what days and times you’re available and then schedule an appointment with you.

Once someone does schedule an appointment with you, it’s added as an event record in Zoho CRM, which can also be added to Google Calendar or your Outlook calendar.

Here’s how you can set up a Calendly account and integrate it with Zoho:

Setting up a Calendly account

In order to take advantage of Calendly’s features and Zoho integrations, you’ll need to create a Calendly account. There are paid subscriptions available that offer free trials; there is also the option to sign up for a free version.
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