Zoholics 2019 Event in Austin, TX

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Zoholics 2019 Event in Austin, TXIf you’re as enthusiastic about Zoho as we are here at Marks Group Live, you’ll want to check out this year’s exciting Zoholics event in Austin, Texas. The event, which takes place from April 9th through April 11th, 2019, is an annual conference for Zoho users to meet and network face-to-face.

This year’s event will focus on Zoho’s 40+ applications, and gives attendees the opportunity to learn about Zoho features and how they can get the most out of their CRM system. The event can give you and your team members the chance to interact with other like-minded individuals.

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Zoho Features: What is Field History Tracking?

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Learn more about Zoho featuresIf you’ve added or modified pick list fields recently, you probably have noticed one of the newest Zoho features: the new checkbox option available labeled “Enable History Tracking.”

What happens when you enable history tracking?

By enabling history tracking, it will auto-compute the duration of time the field was set to a particular value, and also track the values of up to 10 other fields in the record at the time the value of the tracked field changes.  This is basically the functionality of stage history in the Deals module that has been ported to other modules. With this new option, it is now much easier to set up history tracking in other modules. A great example is setting it up for the Lead Status field, so that you can better track and evaluate your lead processing.  Give it a try the next time you’re in your Zoho CRM system.

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New Features with Mail Merge Templates in Zoho Mail Suite

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New features in Zoho Mail SuiteYou can now add subforms and related lists to mail merge templates in Zoho Mail Suite.  If you have a module in CRM that contains a subform (more information on subforms), you can now display the subform information in a mail merge template. Likewise, modules that have related lists, information from the related lists can now be pulled into mail merge templates as well. Here’s how:

Templates in Zoho Mail Suite

When creating a mail merge template in Zoho Mail Suite, under the tools menu, you’ll now see “Insert Dynamic Tables” in the list of merge fields.  When you click on a “Dynamic Table” from the list, the list of fields in the table will be displayed for your selection as shown below. Select the fields you want to include in the table and click “Create Table.”  The table is inserted into your document, where you can then add formatting and styling.

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