Zoho Database Help: Must-Haves On Your Pipeline Report

By | Zoho Tips

Zoho Database Help: Must-Haves On Your Pipeline ReportOne of the most effective ways to get your group using the company’s Zoho database is to use it to generate reports. In the end, a CRM system is nothing more than a good database with detailed information about your customers, prospects, partners and community. Like any database, it will provide important information to help you run your business. If you’re getting a few good reports out of your Zoho database on a consistent basis, then you will find yourself relying on the system more and more, and demanding better and more relevant information from your team.

Of all the reports, the most important one is the pipeline report. It should be the very first report you use as part of your Zoho database and you should be looking at this information frequently—weekly, if not daily.  So, what kind of information is important to have on your pipeline report? You must include these ten things:

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