Getting the Most Out Of Your CRM With a Zoho Consultant

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 Zoho Consultant: Maximize Your CRM SystemAre you thinking about investing in a CRM system and working with a Zoho consultant to get the most out of it, but still wondering if it’s worth it? Do you already have Zoho CRM, and you’re struggling with it?

The Sales Operations Optimization Study that CSO recently released examined many different companies to determine the effectiveness of their sales operations. The following was our takeaway:

You need a sales operation, not just a sales force

These days, your team needs to include administrative support and management. Your sales force can’t do it all alone. The best way to support your team is also to have an effective CRM system in place, such as Zoho. It also helps to work with a Zoho consultant to ensure everyone on your team has a thorough understanding of everything Zoho has to offer.

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Convincing Your Team to Use Zoho Products

By | Zoho Tips

Zoho Products: Convincing Your TeamDid you just become a subscriber to various Zoho products? Are you having a hard time convincing your team to use them? It’s important to focus on these three things.


Many sales teams can be divided into three different groups. About 20 percent will be power users; these will be the people that understand Zoho products and love them. The second group, which may be about 60 percent of your team, will understand enough, but can still benefit from some Zoho training. The final 20 percent may not want any part of the CRM system and will need a great deal of convincing and training, which is the group you’re going to need to focus on the most.

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