6 Great Ways to Use the Zoho Writer App

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6 Great Ways to Use the Zoho Writer AppThere are plenty of online word processing applications to use and I’m sure you’re probably familiar with the big names, like Microsoft Word in Office 365 or Google Docs. In fact, you’re probably using them right now. But think about it: Why?

If you’re already using Zoho One, you’ve got access to the Zoho Writer app. If your employees are creating typical business documents, then why not minimize headaches and help their productivity by getting rid of all those additional applications and having them use the Zoho Writer app? I can offer at least six uses of the application that would make sense right away.

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4 Essential Tips If You’re New To Zoho One Apps

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4 Essential Tips If You're New To Zoho One AppsDid you just make an investment in Zoho One apps? You made a great choice. Now it’s time to consider how to best use those apps.

In the 25 years we’ve been implementing business applications we’ve been part of many, many successes.  Unfortunately, we’ve also been part of quite a few failures. Sometimes, these failures have been our fault.  Other times not. But the good news is that I’ve learned.

I’ve learned what people have done to succeed with their business applications—be it CRM, financial, collaboration, communication, or anything else that is included with a Zoho One apps subscription.

So, what have I learned? Four things, actually:

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4 Must-Have Zoho App Integrations

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Must-have Zoho app integrationsA cloud-based CRM system, like Zoho, allows for users to integrate some of their favorite third party tools and apps. Whether you’ve just signed up for Zoho or you’re thinking about signing up, you may be wondering what add-ins will help enhance your CRM system the most. We recommend the following as must-have Zoho app integrations:

Data Integration

There are various tools out there that Zoho users can use to automatically read their system’s tables, which can then allow users to write and read information in and out of both systems. With the data integration tools that exist nowadays, you can accomplish almost anything.
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