Why Zoho ContactManager May Make More Sense Than Zoho CRM

By | General

Why The Zoho ContactManager May Make More Sense Than Zoho CRMMany don’t realize this, but Zoho, the company best known for its CRM and other office productivity applications, also offers a contact management option called Zoho ContactManager.

Does this make sense? It may very well.  That’s because – and this may also come as a surprise – for many of our Zoho CRM clients, the Zoho ContactManager would be a better application for their business than a full-blown CRM product. Why? One word: overkill.

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Keeping Your Business More Organized in 2019 with Zoho One

By | Zoho Tips

Zoho business suiteIt’s a new year, and with each passing day we are reminded of all of those New Year’s resolutions that we have to get started on. As you unwrap those new 2019 planners and get back into the swing of things after a break for the holidays, is there a better time to start to explore the full potential of all of the Zoho business apps that the suite has to offer? The answer is no!

We often find that our small business clients don’t use the Zoho One business suite to its fullest potential, so today we thought that we could highlight some of the Zoho apps that can help you manage projects and contacts, and easily integrate your email into the Zoho One CRM. This may not be a shock to hear, but keeping your business organized can aid in improving client relations, create efficiency in your day-to-day workflow, help you easily track your businesses progress, and maybe even give you some time in your personal life to get cracking on those other resolutions you hoped to get to by the end of 2019. Who knew Zoho One could improve your small business and personal life?

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