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CRM Examples: Industry-Specific and Generic

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CRM Examples: Industry-Specific and GenericA lot of products and services these days focus on certain industries. In some cases, these products or services that are industry-specific might make sense. But what about when it comes to CRM systems? You may be overwhelmed with all of the different CRM examples you’ve likely heard about, and depending on the industry you operate in, might feel that an industry-specific CRM system is the way to go. But is this really the best option?


An example to consider

Let’s say you work for a news outlet and your team offers digital marketing services for the publisher’s customers, and the team’s primary tasks include creating and placing the best promotions possible to increase the success of their clients’ companies.

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What is Zoho CRM?

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What is Zoho CRM?Customer relationship management, otherwise known as a CRM, is one of the most helpful tools that any business could use. So, what is CRM software and what is Zoho CRM?  Some people refer to a CRM system as a rolodex on steroids. It’s a one-stop shop where you can keep all of you client’s contact information, organize your business deals, track marketing campaigns, and so much more. Zoho released their CRM software in 2005, and since then has been improving and updating to truly focus on the “relationship” part of customer relationship management. Zoho CRM is widely used across the world due to its low cost, and different software programs that are easily integrated into the main CRM.


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Getting Your Salespeople to Use Zoho Tools

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Getting Your Salespeople to Use Zoho ToolsIn order for your CRM system (whether it’s Zoho or another system), to be successful, your team must be willing to use it. As amazing as Zoho tools might be, it doesn’t help if all or a portion of your team doesn’t use it. Your salespeople might have various reasons as to why they don’t to use it: perhaps they prefer their spreadsheets, the forms are too cumbersome, or they feel the process overall is too slow. In order to ensure your business’s CRM system doesn’t fail due to a lack of use, be sure to try the following:

Keep things simple

Your salespeople may be overwhelmed at first when you bring Zoho tools into the mix for their day-to-day operations. Start off small and only focus on what matters. Don’t have them input too much data and only focus on the data that’s critical. Otherwise, they can become frustrated quickly.

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