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Using Activities in Zoho CRM

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Zoho Mail vs. Gmail: Differences and SimilaritiesZoho CRM is an amazing database to help any business keep track of your clients, deals, marketing campaigns and beyond.  I firmly believe that one of the most underutilized tools in this program is the “activities” feature. Activities in the Zoho CRM do it all, you can organize tasks, keep track of meetings, and schedule a follow up conversation with a new client. If you are looking to keep your records organized and detailed the Zoho CRM the activities feature is the way to go.

Activities Are Good For Customer Relationships

Before coming to the world of small business CRM management, much of my experience with web and electronic medical records. It’s obvious why detailed records are important when you are charting for a patient- knowing what has been done already for a person’s medical care creates a cohesive treatment plan. I believe that businesses can carry over that same practice when it comes to management of their records in their Zoho CRM.

A lead, contact or account’s record should be a snapshot of every time you have spoken to, or done something for that client. Use “create a task” to remind you to review an upcoming sale for a big account, and then once that activity is completed or “closed”, you can keep that task in the record as a reminder of the work that has already been completed. Not only is this great record keeping for yourself, but if you transfer a lead, client or account to a colleague, they also have record of what you have done to create a strong relationship with your client.


Share Tasks, Events and Calls with Relevant Parties

Communication is key when you are creating a successful business. One feature that comes along with the activities in Zoho CRM is that when you create a new activity, you are able to share it with any relevant parties including co-workers, supervisors, and the client’s themselves. The Zoho One platform integrates with many other web based business suites, so even if you are sharing an activity such as an event or a phone call with someone who does not have Zoho CRM, as long as they have email, they are able to access the event.

Integrate Your Calls Using Phonebridge

If your office uses a PBX phone system, it is very easy for you to integrate your calls into your Zoho CRM using Zoho Phonebridge. Once your phone system is connected, Zoho’s intuitive CRM with automate call activities for you. When your phones are integrated with the CRM, you are able to just click on a contact’s phone number, and Zoho will automatically place the call for you, and create an activity for that call. From that activity pop-up, you are able to record what was discussed in that call and create or schedule future calls and events.

Zoho training videos

Learn Best Practices for Activities at Marks Group Live

The activities module in Zoho CRM is user friendly, but there are many tips and tricks that can be used to maximize this tool. In our video library at Marks Group Live, we have short videos that go over each of the activities options, Tasks, Calls, and Events, as well as best practices when you are using these modules.  Also in our library are tutorials on integrating your phone system using Zoho Phonebridge. Learn more about our library and pricing here.