Tips for Using CRM Database Systems

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Tips for Using CRM Database SystemsFor over 15 years, we have been selling CRM database systems. These systems have seen a lot of changes over the years, but when it all comes down to it, they are all databases at their core. You’ll often hear all kinds of buzzwords when it comes to CRM database systems, like “automation” and “workflows.” But these things don’t work too well without one crucial component: the data.

Although these systems can be powerful tools for helping businesses run more efficiently, they often fail when users don’t realize that they are nothing more than databases. Instead, some users get caught up with the bells and whistles of the CRM system and all of the different features. While it’s good to maximize your CRM system and all of its uses, it’s important not to forget that getting the most out of these things means making the data your first priority. Advanced things, like automation and marketing, can’t be done if the data is incorrect.

Here’s how you can ensure your CRM database is complete and accurate:

Keep it secure

Security is important when it comes to your CRM system. Carefully consider your settings when getting your system up and running: set audit trails on specific fields so you can easily track transactions; assign lookups to each field so that your data entry is not left up to chance. You’ll also want to create teams and user groups with specific permissions.

Keep it simple

Simplicity is key. Focus on opportunities, contacts and accounts; don’t clutter things with a lot of information that is useless to you. Instead, get to know everything that your CRM system has to offer, and then concentrate only on the features that will truly help you and your business. Ignore the rest. If you only use a small percentage of your CRM system’s features, that’s perfectly fine.

Assign a database administrator

Putting someone in charge of your CRM database system is essential, as this person can catch critical mistakes, such as missing or outdated information. This individual can fix any issues after receiving automatic alerts when fields haven’t been updated in a while or when they’ve changed. This individual is a power user, not an IT professional, and supports other users of the CRM system. Without having someone in charge of your CRM database system, you could be setting it up for failure.

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