Top 4 CRM Uses: How to Maximize Your CRM System

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Best CRM UsesIf you recently implemented a CRM system for your business, you likely realize that you’ve made an investment. You want to make sure you’re spending your company’s money wisely, so how can you be sure you’ve made a solid investment by spending money on a CRM platform? We explore some of the top CRM uses and ways you can turn your CRM into a money-making machine.

Don’t underestimate the importance of data

At its core, your CRM is a database. It’s important that the data you’re collecting is correct, nothing is missing, and that it’s regularly updated. The right data is a powerful tool, and can allow you to go after customers with unique needs, target specific segments, and so on.

Steps to take:  Have someone within your organization be in charge of your database, and be sure to provide that individual with the support and training they need to master the system.

Integrate your favorite apps

Using a CRM system doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite tools and apps. In fact, CRMs aren’t capable of absolutely everything. As helpful as they are, they do lack certain functionalities that other apps may be exclusively designed for. But that’s where integration comes in:  CRMs, like Zoho, allow users to integrate some of their favorite apps and tools, which is the perfect combination for optimal organization and efficiency.

Steps to take:  Determine what app integrations are supported through your CRM and get started with one or two. Begin with the apps that you find to be the most useful, such as email campaigns or marketing automation tools. It may be tempting to integrate as many as you can and as quickly as possible, but it can be overwhelming if you do too many at once. After you’ve gotten used to things, try another after a few months, and keep adding one at a time.

Replace your spreadsheets

Once your database is properly set up, it’s time to ditch the spreadsheets and replace them with your CRM. Replacing your spreadsheets with your CRM system doesn’t mean additional data entry, either – it simply means that the data entry will be done somewhere else.

Steps to take: Begin with a pipeline report. It’s likely your business is already doing this with spreadsheets, so it’s a great place to start. This report should show all opportunities, closing time frames, dollar values, and other important information. Getting this data into your CRM system in a pipeline report should be one of your top priorities.


With so much that needs to be done, automating what we can is essential. One of the best CRM uses is automation, which can allow users to handle more customer requests, speed up sales processes, and proactively respond if any issues come up.

Steps to take:  Create a workflow. For example, you might have one that automatically scans your system monthly to identify any customers who haven’t had any appointments or phone calls with team members after an extended period of time, and then alerts you if any customers fall under this category so that you can take appropriate action.

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