Using Mail Merge With Zoho CRM

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One of the most useful tools in the Zoho CRM arsenal is the seamless way that Zoho integrates mail merge into their system. Mail merge is an automated way to pull names from your database and use them to personalize emails, letters, addresses, advertising and beyond. It’s one of the many ways that Zoho can help you run your business in an efficient manner but still give your users a personal customer experience.

Why use Mail Merge?

Mail merge is one of the most widely used automation tools in business today. Being able to pull from a large database of information can allow you to create a mailing to your entire client list in no time. Beyond being able to easily and seamlessly print things like addresses, this feature allows you to be personal with your customers. Instead of starting a mass mailing with “Dear Valued Customer”, you can start each letter with “Dear Mr. Jones” (or whatever your client’s name may be) with just a click of a button. Because mail merge pulls information from a database to make your mailing needs easier, what better program to integrate this automation with than the ultimate information database: Zoho CRM?

Using Mail Merge in Zoho CRM

Zoho has taken painstaking care into making sure their mail merge automation meets the business needs of everyone. Because Zoho CRM has such a wide range of modules you can merge truly any information into your mail merge documents. Using Zoho writer, you can create or upload a template for letters, mailings, advertisements, invoices and beyond. Zoho allows you to create and merge up to 500 documents at a time, and then send those as letters, PDFs or emails. Imagine the time that you can save automating and creating 500 documents with the click of a button.

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Tracking Your Merged Mail in Zoho CRM

Beyond the quick and easy way that you can use mail merge in Zoho CRM, Zoho writer also allows you to schedule and track the mailing that you send to your customers. Zoho has many features that permit you to write an email Friday afternoon at 4, but schedule for it to be sent out Monday morning at 9. Once that scheduled merged email is sent, you can track when your various customers received their email, when they opened it, or if the emailed bounced using the Mail Merge Logs feature in the CRM.  If you have other attachments or information to send to a specific user while creating a mass email, don’t fret! Zoho Writer allows you to personalize attachments to specific users or give you the chance to attach a PDF to the entire mailing.

Learn about Zoho Mail Merge with Marks Group Live

Mail merge is just one of the many tools that Zoho CRM has to offer. At the Marks Group Live, you and your employees can learn about this program and more from one of our specialized Zoho One trainers. Feel free to check out some of our free videos in our video library, and then learn more about our pricing plans here.