Using Zia To Crush Your Competition

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Let me take you back to the year 1996. The World Wide Web was beginning to explode, and a little web butler named Jeeves was taking the Internet by storm. With a few keystrokes you could “ask Jeeves” to help you find anything on the Internet. When I was first introduced to askjeeves.com I thought that he could do anything! Turns out the limitations of Jeeves were great, and it was rendered useless by the global domination of Google. I slowly lost trust on online assistants. If Jeeves couldn’t help me, who could? Then I started using Zoho CRM, and my views on computer based assistants changed. I was introduced to Zia, Zoho’s AI assistant, and since that day, things have been great.

What is Zia?

Zia is an AI sales assistant that comes with your Zoho CRM. She (In my mind Zia is a she, since she has a sharp business mind and a helpful attitude) will analyze sales data and the tasks completed by your team to help predict the outcomes of your business activities. When asked, she can offer your suggestions on how to complete tasks and sales more efficiently.

How Can This Help Me?

When you have many leads in your CRM, how can you keep track of which leads have the greatest chance of converting to customers? Zia has a plan for that! You can ask her to predict which leads have the highest chance of conversion. She will analyze the amount of times a sales person has been working on the lead file, and will urge your team to follow up to complete a sale. She will also do the same thing with open deals. Using Zia encourages your team to close any deal and bring more in revenue.

Use Zia to Run Reports

One of the best ways to track your business successes and weaknesses is running analytics. Numbers don’t line, and they can show you what is working and what needs some improvement. Zia can makes sales predictions based on your current sales trends. She will even predict any anomalies in your sales trends. When she feels that you should take action on a particular lead or deal, she will alert the proper sales person and encourage them to take action. Swifter action means more sales, which means more revenue for your business.

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She Understands the Deeper Meaning…

AI becomes more and more sophisticated with each passing programmer, and Zia is super sophisticated. When you ask her to, Zia can analyze the conversations between your team and your customers through Zoho mail and analyze the tone of voice used. Zia will give suggestions on how to improve communication with your customers, allowing you to give them the best customer service.

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