Using Zoho Books: Is It The Right Software For You?

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There are so many different accounting programs that are out there for your small business. How do you sort through them all? It can be incredibly overwhelming to navigate the landscape of bookkeeping tools and choose one that fits best. When I am looking for software, I am looking for something that is easily integrated with programs I am already using, is user friendly, and is designed well. Zoho Books checks off all of those requirements and more.

What is Zoho Books?

Zoho Books is a “smart” accounting system that is specifically designed for small and medium sized businesses. This program uses the data from your previous deals to help you stay on top of your cash flow. If you are using the Zoho business suite as your main platform for your business software, this program integrates into your CRM, website and beyond, allowing you to invoice customers as well as receive direct payment from them all in one place. The platform is a secure way to handle your finances and secure your company’s fiscal future.

The Benefits:

It Integrates With the Zoho Business Suite

If you are using other Zoho One products such at CRM, Zoho Mail, Sales IQ, Inventory, or any of the other 20+ applications, using Zoho Books is a no brainer. All of the relevant data that is entered into the other Zoho products will map over to Zoho Books. This integration is very beneficial as it allows you to get a bigger picture of your business, which helps to make smarter financial decisions.

Automation, Automation, Automation!

Zoho Books eliminates the need to track down and remind your customers to pay their invoices by automating messages to them. Like many of the other Zoho products, Zoho Books allows you to automate and save custom workflows as well, so you can make the program work to your specific business needs.

Online Banking Integration

The program also seamlessly integrates with online banking (as long as your company’s bank allows). This eliminates the concern for any mistakes in data entry, as financial information is uploaded directly into the program from your bank. These features save time and eliminate user errors.

Manage Your Books On the Go

Like many of the Zoho One products, Zoho Books has a beautifully designed mobile app. Using this app makes it easy to check and manage your finances whether you are in the office, traveling or sitting on the beach. Mobile accounting gives you the flexibility to remain on top of your finances in real time.

Zoho training videos

Learning To Use Zoho Books with Marks Group Live

The Zoho products are known for their user-friendly design and Zoho Books is no different. With Marks Group Live, you can learn the ins and outs of this program with our specialized Zoho trainers. Even though the program is user friendly, there are many nuances to the software. Maximize your knowledge on Zoho Books, as well as the rest of the Zoho platform with Marks Group Live. You can view our video library and pricing options today!