Using Zoho Recruit to Make Hiring Easy

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No matter the size of your business, one of the most important things you can do to assure success is hiring a great staff. You want to be sure that your employees are reliable and hardworking- things that you can’t always tell from looking at a resume. Hiring employees can be time a time consuming chore that is difficult to sort through… especially if you don’t have an HR department to narrow down resumes for you. Enter: Zoho Recruit. Your one stop hiring tool to meet all of your recruitment needs.

What is Zoho Recruit?

Like all of the products in the Zoho Business suite, Recruit is meant for small to mid-sized businesses. It’s a web based platform that can help with your hiring process from start to finish. This program allows you to post job listing on multiple job boards, parses through resumes, and allows you to schedule interviews right from the program. You can share pertinent information about job applications with other employees so you can collaborate on the hiring process.

Get the Visibility You Need to Hire the Right People

You can have the coolest job posting in the world- but unless it’s visible in the right places, no one is going to apply. Use Zoho Recruit to combat this issue. In this application you can create a webpage that allows you to post and manage your job listings. Any information entered into this sight by applicants will be mapped directly into your Recruit data base. Recruit can also cross posts these listings on popular job boards, so you can get the highest number of applicants, and find the right person for the job.

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Zoho Recruit Helps You Stay Organized!

There are SO many loose papers that could be involved in a hiring process. Resumes, reference letters, portfolios, writing samples, licenses… the possibilities are endless. Get rid of the piles of paper when you use Zoho Recruit. Recruit allows you to create an online record of all of your candidates. You can see everything you need with just a click of a button. Using this application helps you to stat organized and on top of your hiring process.

Learn Zoho Recruit with Marks Group Live

Although Zoho Recruit is a very user-friendly application, at The Marks Group Live we go in depth about how you can se up this program so you can maximize its use for you and your business. When you sign up for our trainings at Marks Group Live you can check out our video on Recruit, as well as our extensive library on the Zoho One Suite of projects. Check out our pricing and become a member today.