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Keeping Your Business More Organized in 2020 with Zoho One

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Zoho business suiteIt’s the middle of February already, and with each passing day we are reminded of all of those New Year’s resolutions that we have to get started on (or have already abandoned)! The post holiday winter season can seem long and dull, especially after the craziness of December and January. Personally, I think that February is a great time to implement some new organizational tools into your company to shake things up. 

We often find that our small business clients don’t use the Zoho business suite to its fullest potential, so today we thought that we could highlight some of the Zoho apps that can help you manage projects and contacts, and easily integrate your email into your CRM. This may not be a shock to hear, but keeping your business organized can aid in improving client relations, create efficiency in your day-to-day workflow, help you easily track your businesses progress, and maybe even give you some time in your personal life to get cracking on those other goals you hoped to get to by the end of 2020. Who knew Zoho One could improve your small business and personal life?

Zoho PageSense

Online marketing is one of the most important tools that small businesses need to use to interact with clients. Zoho makes this very easy for small businesses with their PageSense Application. Zoho launched their PageSense app in January 2018, and it allows for website optimization by analyzing the visitor behavior patterns. This app lets you see the clicking and scrolling patterns of your website visitors using heat maps, gives you the chance to test out different website layouts using A/B Testing for Website, shows you how the visitors move through the site using Funnel Analysis, and then easily lets you integrate this information with your Zoho business suite and CRM. This tool will really give you a leg up when it comes to converting website visitors to customers of your business.

Zoho Contact Manager

If you have a small team, and don’t feel ready to jump into using a full CRM such as Zoho CRM, Zoho Contact Manager is an easy application that allows you to import contact information, track business deals with those contacts, and run simple reports. Zoho Contact Manager makes it easy to import data from programs, such as Gmail, Microsoft Office, and Mailchimp. This app is a simple way to use Zoho for your business and client relation needs.

Zoho Mail

We’ve spoken about Zoho Mail before but if you are using Zoho business suite for your CRM needs (and even if you’re not!) Zoho Mail is an amazing platform to keep your email organized. We cannot stress enough how integral an organized mailbox is to a smoothly run business.  It allows you to easily integrate information from your CRM to this application, so you don’t have to toggle back and forth between different web tabs to find the contact information that you need. This application allows you to organize your contacts by groups, which is very helpful when running marketing campaigns. Beyond that, Zoho Mail has a “smart mail” feature, which allows you to see if recipients have opened and read emails that you sent them. This application is a vital tool in the Zoho business suite.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is one of the most comprehensive project management tools on the market right now, and is an essential application for your Zoho business suite. This application allows you to break down large projects into manageable tasks and then delegate those tasks to other members of your team. Doing this will assure that you can meet any deadline that you may have looming. One of our favorite features of the Zoho Projects App (as well as Zoho CRM, for that matter) is the Kanban view. Kanban is a Japanese organizational business technique, and personally we’ve found that using this view in the Zoho Projects application allows users to get a streamlined picture of tasks, milestones, and deadlines that are involved in any project. This app also allows you to easily integrate information from Google, Dropbox, and of course, your CRM. We also appreciate that this application allows users to easily communicate with your team members using a chat function, as well as an easy-to-use mobile app.

Get Training on Zoho Business Apps

Feeling motivated to get your small business organized using the Zoho business suite? These applications are just a few that Zoho for business has to offer, and navigating them and using them to their fullest potential can be very confusing. The Marks Group Live works with many businesses to offer a large video library that teaches businesses about everything Zoho has to offer. Check out our video library here, and reach out to us to answer any and all of your Zoho questions. 


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