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Zoho Contact Manager vs. Zoho CRM

By May 30, 2019 No Comments

Must-have Zoho app integrationsZoho offers many programs on their platform. Arguably their most successful one is Zoho CRM. But what if you don’t need all of the features of a CRM? Maybe you are just looking for somewhere to keep your contacts, and manage your tasks and deals. Having a tool that allows you to organize your contacts and clients allows for better customer relationships. Enter Zoho Contact Manager. Both programs can be very helpful to your business, but there are some key differences and similarities. Let’s review them before you decide which program to use.

What is Zoho Contact Manager?

As Zoho says on their website, “sometimes, bigger isn’t always better”. Contact manager falls somewhere between a full CRM program and an address book. This program allows you to keep track of all of your contacts, record deals, and create activities for project management. The layout of the program is straightforward and easy to use. Zoho has a pretty intuitive flow when it comes to data management. Zoho tends to be known for their ease of organization, and contact manager falls in line with that trend. While a little more basic than Zoho CRM, you can also customize the program to meet the needs of your business. This program is also compatible with Zoho mail, and many of the other apps in the Zoho One suite.

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Why would I use Contact Manager Instead of Zoho CRM?

If you are a smaller business, a freelancer, a small team, etc. you might not have a use for the full CRM program. There is no need to overwhelm yourself (and pay for) a more expensive program, when the needs of your business are covered in this one. One of the things I like about contact manager is that it has a free version. This version is pretty basic, but is great for new businesses that are looking to cut down on their monthly expenses. It’s hard to find a great contact management software. Zoho contact manager is great. It can do exactly what it claims to do: manage small businesses contacts and day-to-day business needs. Like all of the Zoho Suite of products, Contact manager also has easy to use iPhone and Android apps. For many new businesses this app is a stepping-stone to eventually moving on to a full CRM program. Zoho makes it very easy to transfer all of your data if and when you may want to grow to a full CRM.

Learn Contact Manager and Zoho CRM with TMG Live

While these programs are user friendly, it is great to have a guide to walk you through the specifics of the Zoho suite of products. At the Marks Group Live we have an extensive video library that covers how to use Contact Manager, as well as many videos on using Zoho CRM. You can view our video library and class list here. Find out which program best suits your business, and learn how to use it, today.