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Zoho CRM Templates and Cloning Capabilities

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Cloning Zoho CRM templatesIt used to be that in order to clone Zoho CRM templates, you had to use the good-ole copy and paste, but no more!  With recent updates to the ever-evolving and improving Zoho CRM, cloning Zoho CRM templates is now just a single click and a fairly simple process. In our latest post, we go over the steps to show you how you can easily clone a template in Zoho CRM in just a matter of seconds.

Cloning templates in Zoho

Cloning templates in Zoho CRM can be done is just three simple steps, as shown below:

  • Setup (tool icon in the upper right corner)->Customizations->Templates
  • Click on the template you’d like to clone to open in “View” mode
  • On the right, click on the bottom icon (shown at right)


You now have created a copy of the template and opened it in edit mode.

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