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Improvements to Mass Email Feature in Zoho’s Email Service

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Features available in Zoho email serviceMass emailing with the Zoho email service just made some major improvements that make the features so much easier to use.

Access to the mass email wizard

While viewing a list of records, pre-select the records that you want to send a mass email to, and click the “Send Email” button (shown below), or you can still select Mass Email from the more actions menu (…) on the right.

New, more user-friendly mass email wizard

  • If records are not pre-selected, you can select them by choosing a view or defining criteria just like before.  If they are pre-selected, they are listed in the “To” column (as shown below).
  • Select your template
  • Select your “From” address
  • Choose your send options (immediate or schedule for later)
  • New feature: Define follow-up actions based on Open, Click or Bounce
  • New feature: Add follow-up emails

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