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The 5 Zoho CRM Reports Every Sales Manager Should Be Using

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The 5 Zoho CRM Reports Every Sales Manager Should Be UsingMany sales managers these days get a lot from using Zoho CRM, but alas, there are also many who do not. In order to succeed with Zoho CRM and allow it to help you run your business more efficiently, it’s crucial to get useful data out of it. This is done through Zoho CRM reports. The following are five Zoho CRM reports every sales manager should be using:

The Sales Activity Report

Sales managers spend a lot of their time supervising others, and may spend more time concentrating on those salespersons who are not performing well. This Zoho CRM report will usually show what each salesperson was doing the previous week and what their upcoming plans are. This can allow sales managers to see what exactly their underperforming staff members are up to, including who they’re scheduled to meet with and who they’ll be calling. This gives the sales manager a good opportunity for offering advice and providing other feedback beforehand.

The Pipeline Report

When implementing Zoho CRM for the first time, this is usually the first thing that’s done and it will often be to replace an existing spreadsheet. A good pipeline report will show all important details of sales, including what quotes, deals, and proposals are outstanding and what the status of each item is.

The Batting Average Report

For sales managers, it’s not unusual to hear their staff complain about their compensation. This report allows sales managers to see all proposals and quotes that their staff has created, and then allows them to compare it to the value of proposals and quotes that effectively closed any sales. This gives the salesperson a good and clear goal to aim for.

The New Leads Report

This is a critical daily report.  Marketing professionals put in a lot of effort to generate new leads. It’s important that a sales team follows up on potential leads in a timely manner after all of that hard work. This daily report can show you the leads that come in, all important information associated with those leads, and who each lead was assigned to.

The Lost Sales Report

Your CRM system should be keeping track of forecasted sales or opportunities, which will also be included in your pipeline report.  Once it’s resolved, whether it was successful or not, it should be closed out. Closed out items that were also unsuccessful should always include reasons as to why they were unsuccessful. This allows sales managers to identify any potential issues and make adjustments. All in all, this Zoho CRM report will help you generate new sales in the future if you’re willing to take a hard look at what you’re doing wrong.

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