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Zoho CRM Training: Many-to-Many Relationships

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Zoho CRM trainingWhen you sign up for Zoho CRM training with Marks Group Live, we’re not only excited to share information and tutorials on current Zoho features and products, but we also like to update our subscribers on new Zoho features. In today’s blog post, we want to discuss a fairly recent update regarding many-to-many relationships within Zoho and how it’s now easier than ever to create a custom one.

Previous method

Previously, before the new update, users wanting to create customized many-to-many relationships in Zoho had to add a custom module. This custom module would include look-up fields for each module that users wanted to connect to a contact. For instance, if you wanted to relate one contact with several others, you would have needed to create a custom module, “Connections,” and then add two contact lookup fields.  

The advantage of this method is that you have the option of adding more fields to define the connection even more; for instance, by using the provided drop down menu, you can select and designate the type of relationship. This can allow you to label the contact (i.e. friend, colleague, and so on) and how this person is related to the other contact(s) you linked them to.

New multi-select lookup field

With the upgraded multi-select lookup field, you can include this field type with your contact module, and you’ll be able to connect a contact to others by just selecting those individuals in the lookup field. This can be done with any two modules. Another example is if you wanted to connect a contact to more than one amount. In this case, you’d add a multi-select account lookup field to a layout for the contact module.

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