Zoho Invoice: Why Should I Use It?

By August 22, 2019 No Comments

The Zoho business suite is a small business’ one stop shop for all of their program needs. If you are using programs in Zoho such as Books, CRM, or Inventory, using Zoho Invoice should be a no-brainer. So what does this program do, and why should you use it?

Zoho Invoice Creates a Beautiful Layout

Exchanging money is probably the most important part of a business. If people can’t pay you for your service… how can your business survive? So when you are invoicing your client’s for billable time, you want everything to look clear, straightforward and professional. Zoho Invoice can provide that for you. This program provides you with easy to read printable invoices, as well as easy to email electronic invoices that can link directly to online payment options.

Send Invoices Anywhere

Sometimes your business may be working with people internationally. No matter their currency, you want them to pay you too! Zoho invoice makes it very easy to change the currency on your invoices to whatever your client needs. This program, like many of the others in the Zoho business suite can also change the text in your invoices to 10 different languages.

Need to Encourage a Payment?

If you are waiting for a client to settle an invoice, Zoho Invoice can help. This program allows you to send gentle reminders to your clients reminding them that they have an outstanding balance due. Using this tool, you can also encourage your clients to set up automatic pay so they do not miss a payment again.

Zoho training videos

How can my clients access their invoices?

Zoho Invoice allows you to create a client portal so your clients who you frequently do business with can access their invoices, view estimates of future payments, and can also access past transaction statements. This tool becomes very helpful when you are trying to maintain strong business relationships with your clients. Allowing them to have transparency around your business practices makes for a trustworthy relationship between client and vendor.

How do I learn to use this program?

While these programs are user friendly, it is great to have a guide to walk you through the specifics of the Zoho suite of products. At the Marks Group Live we have an extensive video library that covers how to use Zoho Invoice, as well as many videos on using Zoho One. You can view our video library and class list here. Find out which program best suits your business, and learn how to use it, today.