Zoho Learning: 3 Mistakes to Avoid Making

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Zoho Learning: 3 Mistakes to Avoid MakingImplementing a CRM system, like Zoho, can do wonders for your business. At the same time, a few mistakes can actually mess up your next technology project completely, resulting in wasted money and time. When it comes to using Zoho, learning about certain mistakes you should avoid ahead of time can save you a lot of frustration.

Some of the mistakes you’ll want to avoid making as a new Zoho user include:

Not having any clearly defined objectives

When it comes to setting up your next project and using Zoho, it’s important to have a clear project plan in place that includes detailed responsibilities, tasks, and reminders. You should ensure you track progress with Zoho in order to stick to due dates and timelines. In order to ensure your project is on budget and on track, it’s crucial to remember the importance of things like system testing, migrating data, customizations, training and reports. When it comes to Zoho, learning how to do all of these things the right way from the beginning is imperative.

Not having someone internally manage the project

You’ll want to have someone internally take ownership of the project and running Zoho. Learning the ins and out of Zoho is important, and this person can also receive any necessary training and then teach other team members. That same individual can be the one responsible for understanding how Zoho can be customized, supervising outside tech support and consultants, how hardware can be configured, and keeping notes on all of these things as it applies to your business. It may mean investing time and money into this person, but it will be worth it.

Trying to do too much too quickly

When you’re new to Zoho, learning the ins and outs of the system can take time. If you try to rush through the process and also rush your team to finish things in an unreasonable amount of time, it can backfire quickly. Consider breaking your project down into something that’s more manageable and focus on a long-term outlook. Otherwise, you can run into a plethora of issues, such as lost or wrong data, frustrated clients, miscommunications, aggravated employees, and the list goes on and on.

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