Zoho Mail vs. Gmail: Differences and Similarities

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Zoho Mail vs. Gmail: Differences and SimilaritiesSelecting an email client for your business is an important decision, and Gmail and Zoho Mail are two popular choices. For many, they narrow down their options to these choices and try to figure out the pros and cons when it comes to Zoho Mail vs. Gmail.

My company uses Zoho Mail. We also use Gmail. Wait…what?

That’s right. We use them both. To understand why, it’s important to first understand the difference between an email client and an email server.

The server is where all the emails goes in and out. Zoho Mail is an email server. So is Gmail within G Suite. So is Microsoft Exchange, which is part of Office 365.  There are a lot of companies providing email server applications.

An email client, however, is the application you use to send and retrieve your email from an email server. Zoho Mail has an email client, which can be used independently or within Zoho CRM. Other email clients include Gmail and Microsoft Outlook.  There are plenty of other choices of email clients and the best ones have mobile apps, too.

Now, back to Zoho Mail and Gmail.

Zoho Mail vs. Gmail: Storage

We pay for G Suite, Google’s business apps. We have all of our people set up with Google, which includes a Gmail account for each of them. I like this because it provides an extra level of security and users also have their storage. Then we’ve configured Zoho Mail, which is part of Zoho CRM, to use Gmail as our mail server. So Zoho Mail is our email client, and Gmail is acting as our email server.

Using Gmail as our email server provides us with certain benefits. For example, if for some reason we can’t get access to Zoho Mail, we’ve got Gmail as a backup.  Plus, all emails that we retrieve on Zoho Mail are also maintained with Gmail, so we’ve got that as a backup, too. I’ve found that the ability to search Gmail is slightly more powerful than Zoho Mail’s search capabilities. Also, it’s sometimes easier to share data or articles online through Gmail, rather than using the Zoho Mail app.

Spam filtering

Gmail’s ability to isolate potential spam is also better than Zoho’s, and I like messages going through Google’s servers first for this purpose. I’ve found that Gmail is easier and quicker to set up than Zoho Mail. Also, I’ve also found that emails sent through Zoho’s mail servers are more apt to get flagged as spam to the recipients than emails going out of Gmail’s servers.

So yes, using Gmail has its advantages.  But in my opinion, Zoho Mail provides a few more powerful advantages to the business user.

Options for collaboration

Because we use Zoho Mail as our primary email client, we’re able to take full advantage of its capabilities within CRM.  That means that every one of our emails are stored in our CRM database, so everyone in our company can share and collaborate.

Because Zoho Mail is my client, I frequently send out emails in bunches—I create custom groups of contacts, and create templates to hit them all at once.  I also check multiple emails accounts from within Zoho—both my Marks Group and personal accounts. Zoho Mail’s mobile app is also fast, easy to use, and easy to set up.

Overall efficiency

But here’s the biggest reason why you should be using Zoho Mail: it’s just one less application to worry about. So many of my clients ask me how to simplify their business applications. The best way to simplify is to consolidate.  There’s no reason to use separate email apps if Zoho can handle those functions adequately. That’s why I also recommend using Zoho for calendaring and contact management, too, rather than splitting up these tasks among other Office suites like Office 365 or G Suite.

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