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Zoho Mapping Fields and Lead Conversion

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Tips on Zoho mapping fieldsWhen it comes to Zoho mapping fields and lead conversion mapping, there is a lot to learn. If you’ve attempted to map a custom field in a lead record to a standard field in either the deal, contact, or account record, you may have encountered a somewhat common issue that some Zoho CRM users come across: the matching field you’re looking for doesn’t show up as an option.

Troubleshooting issues with Zoho mapping fields

In order to solve this issue, the first step you’ll want to take is confirming that both fields are the same type of fields.

For instance, if you’re attempting to map a field that’s categorized as a single line field, these are the only types of fields that will show up in the target module as choices in the Zoho mapping fields screen.

Other considerations

Checking the field type is the first thing you’ll want to do when the field you’re looking for isn’t showing up. If that doesn’t fix the issue, the next thing you’ll want to consider is the field length. When it comes to Zoho mapping fields, you’ll need to make sure that the field you’re attempting to map is less than or equal to the length that’s permitted. If you’re trying to map a field that goes beyond the maximum length, you’ll encounter an issue. To see what the field length is for all standard fields, view this chart on the Zoho website.

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