Zoho One Adds Some Upgrades!

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Zoho One has positioned itself to be one of the most used suite of products for all of your small business needs. CRM, book keeping, marketing, web development, and beyond, if you need it, Zoho One probably has it. To keep up with the demand of its customers, they recently released some new platforms and upgrades. I’ll provide a brief overview of the changes today, and will do a deeper dive into the new products in upcoming blog posts.

Manage your workflows with Orchestly

Full disclosure, I haven’t actually used this application yet because it is so new. As soon as I get the chance to fully check it out- I will do a more in depth breakdown of everything Orchestly has to offer. They are marketing Orchestly as a new workflow organization application. You can use the simple drag and drop feature to automate and organize processes for your business. Any sort of automation will allow you to efficiently work and manage any of your business needs. This program is a “process management” software. Stay tuned to our blog and video library to learn more about Orchestly.

Streamline Your Zoho One and Third Party Apps with Single Sign-On

Zoho One recently launched their Single Sign-On service through Onelogin. This program allows you to streamline the sign in process for your Zoho business suite as well as many other third party platform. Google, Microsoft office, dropbox, twitter, and beyond, you can configure it with your Zoho single sign-on. This can allow for maximum security as you can set up multifactor authentication, as well as yubikey added cyber security, while still streamlining your log in process. We will cover how to set up this feature as well as the security benefits in a future blog post.

Zoho One Expanded PhoneBridge!

With Zoho One’s expanded Telephony service, you can now choose from 50 telephony vendors to integrate your phones in with your Zoho CRM, as well as other programs in the Zoho Business suite. The PhoneBridge platform has been expanded to 20 of the Zoho applications. PhoneBridge also allows you to run analytics and data on the calls that are being made through your Zoho programs. Check out our videos on setting up PhoneBridge in our training Library today.

Blockchain Time Stamping Added to Zoho Sign

 Zoho Sign is a great program! I’ve discussed before on this blog how helpful it is to send documents to be signed electronically. It saves time (and paper), and over all can speed up your workflow so you can close deals faster. Zoho has gone ahead and added blockchain time stamping to this program, which is a way to further identify when a document has been opened and signed. This is an extra safety precaution that the program has put in place, so people don’t lie about if they have or have not signed a document, and then blame in on “technical difficulties”. Adding this feature doesn’t change anything about the interface of the program, but I find it comforting to know that people are looking out for the best interests of their clients.

Zoho training videos

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