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Zoho Portal Tips: How to Use Zoho CRM

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Zoho Portal Tips: How to Use Zoho CRMWhen it comes to their various apps and products, some of what’s offered through Zoho is more useful to individual business owners than others. If you need an easy way to provide database access to customers and vendors, you’ll want to read on for our Zoho portal tips.

Just last year, Zoho CRM introduced an exciting new Zoho feature, which allows users to give vendors and customers self-service access within Zoho CRM to all the information they need. If you’ve been using Zoho CRM already, you may find that this feature is fairly simple to set up and use.

Setting up your Zoho portal

  • Move your mouse to the tool icon in the upper righthand corner, click “Set Up,” followed by “Channels,” and then “Portals”
  • If this your first time setting up a portal, you’ll input a name to finish your portal web address
  • You’ll then name your portal (for example, a vendor name), and select the modules you’re giving that individual access to
  • You’ll then choose which fields a portal user can see once they’re given access to a specific module
  • Click “Finish”

Giving others Zoho portal access through Zoho CRM

To get someone set up through the Zoho portal, you’ll want to first open up that person’s contact record. In the upper right hand part of the menu, click the three dots, and then select “Invite to Portal.” If you have more than one portal, choose the one you want to invite that person to, and send the invite. The recipient will receive the invite, and once they click the link, they’ll be asked to create a password. They now have access to information that is only related to their own record; it is the information that you choose to make viewable.

Customers can use this information to check on their order or case status, update contact information, and so on. Additionally, this Zoho feature is available at no extra cost.

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