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Convincing Your Team to Use Zoho Products

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Zoho Products: Convincing Your TeamDid you just become a subscriber to various Zoho products? Are you having a hard time convincing your team to use them? It’s important to focus on these three things.


Many sales teams can be divided into three different groups. About 20 percent will be power users; these will be the people that understand Zoho products and love them. The second group, which may be about 60 percent of your team, will understand enough, but can still benefit from some Zoho training. The final 20 percent may not want any part of the CRM system and will need a great deal of convincing and training, which is the group you’re going to need to focus on the most.


Your team may have been successful at doing what they do for years now, and without using Zoho products. But it’s important that they realize it’s not about them, it’s about the business. Most good businesses today have CRM systems in place to track opportunities, activities, and pipelines. Even if used minimally, your team should understand that various Zoho products can add value to the business, improve productivity, and offer necessary data for sales managers to perform better.


In order to get everyone on the same page, it’s important to agree to respect and accommodate each other. For that group of 20 percent who aren’t getting it, it’s important to put a specific plan into action that can help them do the bare minimum by getting their crucial data into the CRM system. It’s also good to identify these team members’ strengths and weaknesses. For example, maybe one person needs a simpler screen for data entry. Maybe another is good with tablets. Focus on these team members, because the success of Zoho products relies heavily on the entire team doing the minimum data entry needed to ensure the database is complete and accurate.

Bottom line

We learned that, if adopted as a culture, good CRM systems help to increase both sales and productivity and create more value in a business.  

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