Zoho Sign Is Pretty Cool!

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Removing tags in Zoho CRMThere are many programs out there that allow you to attach your digital signature to documents, or receive digital signatures from clients. I would argue that if you use the Zoho One suite of products for your business, cut through the noise of all of the other applications… use Zoho Sign! Like many of the Zoho One products, Zoho Sign seamlessly integrates into all other Zoho applications. This is so important because you want to be sure that your digital signatures are clear and easy to access, especially on documents like contracts and invoices.

Okay, I signed up… what next?

The first thing you should do when you create a Zoho Sign account is to import or create your users. This is the place where you will list all of your employees that you would like to have an account under your business. When creating your user list, you can assign the role or “admin” or “user” to each person. If you give a person an “admin” title, they will be able to do things like add or delete users, create templates, and create sign forms. Users will have access to this information, but will not be able to create or change documents.

Zoho Sign can help with your branding!

As an admin in the program, you can set up many things to assure that your company’s name and logo appears in any email or document sent from Zoho Sign. In the “Organization Details” page, under the settings tab, you can add your company’s name, address, and logo. You can also customize (and personalize) your emails and digital signature by going to the email templates and digital signature portions of the program. You can access this under the “admin settings” tab in Zoho Sign.

So how do I get my signature in this thing?

There are a few ways to upload your signature into Zoho Sign. The first thing is that you have to go to the profile page, which is under the settings tab. There you can click on the icon next to signatures to choose how you want your signature to look. Option 1, is that you can type out your name and initials, and use a preloaded signature font. Option 2 is to use a signature pad or your mouse to draw out your signature and then use that throughout the program. Personally, I think unless you have USB signature pad like a Topaz pad, I feel that this option often looks the least professional (unless you have a VERY stead hand when working with a mouse!). The last option is that you can upload your signature from a scan or photo using the upload tab. Check out all three options, and choose what you prefer!

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An important note before you get to signing…

Zoho Sign has prepared a legal statement that your customers have to agree to before using Zoho Sign. Essentially it says that your digital signature holds the same weight as any other signature. I always encourage customers to read over the legal disclosure, and add or customize anything if they feel that it is needed. It’s important to dot your “I”’s and cross your “T”’’s, even online!

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