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Zoho Workflow: Getting More Value From Zoho CRM

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Zoho Workflow: Getting More Value From Zoho CRMYou may be getting a lot of use out of Zoho CRM, but are you truly using it to its fullest potential? Those users who are really maximizing the value of their investment are using Zoho workflow features.

By learning how to set up workflows in Zoho, you can have it run at its most productive level. This can automate certain tasks and guarantee that these things are always being completed, regardless of whether you forget to do them yourself. They are essential to getting the most out of Zoho CRM and ensuring your business is running as efficiently as possible. If you are ready to set up workflows, but not sure where to begin, these are the top three we recommend that users start with:

Workflow 1:  Trade shows

Trade shows are often a costly investment, and too frequently, businesses don’t do enough to follow up with prospects. Workflows, however, can fix this issue. Import data from all potential leads you received at the trade show into Zoho, and then create a workflow that will assign those leads to the salesperson of your choice. Set up the workflow so that thank-you emails are automatically sent to the prospects and assign follow-ups to your salesperson. Be sure a manager is notified if no action is taken. You can then branch off to other processes, depending on what action is taken—for example, adding certain prospects to a future mailing list.

Workflow 2:  Website visitors

Your CRM system should be configured to receive data regarding website visitors, and a workflow process should be created that will look at this information and then assign someone on your team to follow up. If requested, an automated email can be sent that includes product or service information. This way, every website visitor can be pursued, and a manager can be notified if a task hasn’t been completed.

Workflow 3:  Lost customers

Ensure you don’t lose customers by setting up this workflow. For example, you can have Zoho scan your database and look for customers who haven’t had an onsite visit or phone call within six months. This way, you can take action and ensure nobody falls through the cracks. Without finding this out in a timely fashion, it may be too late and those customers may have moved on. By setting up a workflow like this, however, you can ensure this doesn’t happen again and that you haven’t lost touch with any of your current clients for too long.

Managing workflow with Zoho CRM: Learn more

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